in lowrider

Discussion in '1997 Dodge T-Rex 6X6 Concept' started by AViper666, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. theres a geo tracker thats got six wheels just like this. but its cooler cause its a lowrider. its got a built in playstation, damn nice sound system, hydros, and its even got a bar in it.<!-- Signature -->
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    you're an idiot. thats all i have to say for now.
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    Why the hell are you trying to compare a Geo to this beast! Have you ever seen one of these? Didn't think so! I have, and there is no way you can compare a Geo to a T-Rex!<!-- Signature -->
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    god what a dumb ass
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    geos are gay litle pussy mobiles, this thing is sweet, i mean geos have under 150hp and this has 500! this truck wouldnt look very good as a low rider though its a better off roader.
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    aviper you know yor woman you have on your thumbnail didnt even have her license before that movie. . . I dont think the other one did either<!-- Signature -->
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    this trust is one badass american project for ya, like ive said in other replies, this shit will even outpull import semi's, and its only a gasoline driven truck, haha, this thing gets geo's caught in its tred

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