In truth, it's an 04

Discussion in '2002 Mazda RX-8' started by DANVM, Nov 30, 2002.

  1. But's comin to US shores in spring 03. This is a terrible engine. 80 cubes?! What's up w/that? 1.3 liters, 160 ft/lbs? that's sick. I like good ole American muscle. 350+ cubes, 300-450hp, tons of torque!
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    It's a rotary engine, it's smooth, and according to car experts, a 1300cc roarty engine is like a 2600cc normal engine.
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    So? Ya know what's funny? 35 years ago, the more cubes a car had, the more powerful it was. They hardly ever even mentioned hp and torque!
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    Oh, and another thing, if this does good in its first year of production, Mazda said they'll do a 2door 2seater version
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    Then, we better get ready for the 2 seater
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    i also heard sumthing about a new RX7 with bigger engine maybe some turbos as well

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