Indian Larry passed away

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  1. August 29th, 2004
    Doing what he loved

  2. guys dont even know who he is do you?
  3. Explain.....?
  4. What?

    How did he die?

    That's brutal. From what I saw of him, he was an awesome guy.
  5. All those drugs finally caught up to him?

    Howd he die?

    Bike wreck?
  6. I'm guessing from a motorcycle accident?
  7. Im guessing he had something to do with Indian?(the motorcycle company)
  8. no he built custom choppers for Indian Larry

    'Indian Larry' said killed at bike show


    CONCORD, N.C. -- A custom motorcycle builder known for his appearances on cable's Discovery Channel died Monday at a hospital of head injuries suffered during a stunt, officials said.

    "Indian Larry" fell off a motorcycle Saturday while performing before 8,000 people at an arena outside Charlotte. He was not wearing a helmet, the officials said.

    Indian Larry was standing on the moving bike when it began to wobble and went out of control, said Mike Downs, Cabarrus County deputy manager. His full name was not immediately known.

    "Indian Larry was a man with great skill and talent as a mechanic and metal sculptor," said Robert Freeman, chairman of the county board of commissioners. "He will be truly missed by his fans here in Cabarrus County and throughout the nation."

    Indian Larry, who appeared in movies and television shows, was featured on a Discovery Channel series in which motorcycle builders design and build bikes from scratch, then have them judged by motorcycle aficionados.

  9. he made cool shit. but thats typical of quite a few motorcycle riders. if there is no helmet law they wont wear one. hell even both kenevils(sp?) wore helmets, thats why both of them are still alive still.
  10. That's too bad. He made some nice bikes, not any of these lame ass stripped bikes where you can't see anything. He made real bikes that he could ride around and not just put in bike shows. This really sucks. At least he died doing something he cared passionately about.
  11. This sucks-not to mention a big shock-, he has built some amazing bikes. He will be missed.
  12. He chose not to wear a helmet? That's pretty stupid of him. This isn't really a tragedy if thats true.
  13. I saw him do that stunt on TV. Where he stands on the bike with his arms out.
  14. That sucks. He was always pretty crazy on those bikes though.
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