Infiniti Essence vs Mazda Shinari

Discussion in 'Car Comparisons' started by ArmoMafia818, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. which design do you like more?
  2. mazda, i dont like american cars.
  3. irony, considering that mazda is a much more american brand than infiniti.
  4. voted mazda.

    I think the infiniti is a better looking car, but the mazda gets bonus points because it had to work around being a 4 door.
  5. Never noticed how similar these looked
  6. SSC Ultimate Aero 2.0
  7. wat
  8. tell me
  9. mazda is part owned by ford (or was, dunno if they still are), and do some part sharing. They even use stuff like american bolt patterns for the wheels.
  10. true, but infiniti started out in the states and was specifically designed for the american market and it shows.
  11. wat

    Infiniti is just rebadged Japan-market Nissans

    owned by Renault
  12. Ugh Infinitis are just rebadge Nissans.
  13. i know theyre nissans/renaults, but they were introduced for the american market. they have american build quality, american appeal etc.

    to me theyre american. same with acura.

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