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Discussion in '2009 Mansory Veyron 16/4 Vincerò' started by zzUltimaGTRzz, Jan 11, 2009.

  1. with these overpriced, over hyped, exotically named retrimmed Veyrons. Pur Sang? Herrmes? Vinceró? There's more, I just can't remember them all.
  2. Seriously who gives a flippin **** if its all chrome or carbon fiber or what not? It's the same damn Bugatti. Until someone really decides to do some body and/or engine work there's no point of producing this over priced rubbish lol. Being in a Veyron says enough about your bank account enough as it is.
  3. wait...they acually did do some engine work....But still, not worth it
  4. an aditional 100+ hp. not bad really. don't hate the player, hate the game.
  5. they did both engine and body work...

    i don't mind them really... they come in nice colours and the interiors are styled by some of the worlds best fashion designers. as well as the fact that they each have a body modification of some kind....

    this one is different as it is an aftermarket car not done by volkswagen/buggati...
  6. Maybee I sell my scooter and get one.??
  7. Maybe next someone will send it to Pimp My Ride to put a fish tank in it
  8. Nah mayne, dat shiz need sum hydraulics yo!
  9. This is te only Veyron to be properly tuned, instead of been given an exotic name! 1109bhp, SSC UA TT beware!
  10. Way over the top, but cool.

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