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  1. the movie
  2. Yeah it seemed like a paradox until someone explained the secret in the black hole, then it made sense.
  3. Once he got into the hole it didn't make sense.

    Edit: I'm referencing a porn I just watched.
  4. It did if you think about it existentially.
  5. No it doesn't. How the #$%# can some astronaut overcome the compression to a singularity of a black hole? Answer: He can't.

    Also, how the #$%# can their spaceship launch into orbit under it's own power on the water planet which has a higher gravitational pull than earth, which by comparison had to have separate boosters? Answer: It can't.

    I thought about it and it doesn't make sense and I'm dtunk.
  6. because all of the mass is concentrated at the center, the more massive a black hole gets the weaker the tidal forces are at the event horizon. with a supermassive black hole the event horizon can be billions of kilometers away from the singularity, so you aren't gonna be immediately ripped apart when you pass through it.

    and yeah the water planet had a lot of things wrong with it, and the whole sequence after he fell in the black hole was silly.

    pretty fun movie though.
  7. lol wtf is that supposed to mean
  8. It means burner is trying to appear more intelligent.
  9. there were some holes but none that really ruined the experience. saw it in imax which i think was worth it.

    the black hole thing was weird but i think it made sense. i was watching this science show with space mike tyson and he was explaining things about comprehension of dimensions that was to what was happening during that scene. if i hadn't watched that show first i probably would have been confused
  10. #$%#ing incredible movie. Honestly one of the best I've ever seen.

    Yes, it requires a few leaps of imagination / suspension of belief, but if you're not a cynical pussy and are capable of that it should always be an incredible experience. Also very important is a basic understanding of general relativity and higher dimensional concepts.

    But yeah, #$%#ing superb. Mindblowing and viscerally stimulating. And I must say I actually got a little emotional at the finish.

    One thing I've noticed is that when I'm seeing a truly great movie I tend to catch myself about halfway through with a gaping open jaw or a grin from ear to ear because I'm being blown away by what I'm seeing. That was certainly the case with this.
  11. It means that if you think about it with a closed mindset, you get stuck on the paradox of future humans sending a message into the past to help themselves, but if you realise that the answer in the singularity is that time is not linear and shouldn't be treated that way, the film makes sense.
  12. Agree with pretty much everything here.

    I think Nolan films get held up to an unbelievably unfair standard for some reason. Anything that could be construed as a "plot hole" is nitpicked until it's raw and thrashed. But #$%# me, as far as science fiction movies go, the science in this one was actually pretty spot on! Do the same people who laugh at the plausibility of being alive inside a black hole, go and criticism Star Trek for having faster than light travel? Neh.
  13. Saw it in 70mm IMAX, which was definitely worth it. Nothing really pulled me out of the plot. I think Cooper should have died when he was done in the tesseract, but hey.
  14. I watched this movie twice. Easily my favorite of the year. It had some holes, but it was too much fun.
  15. Good movie, stretches reality, but that is what drives science and innovation.
  16. saw it imax, i really liked it.

    the scene where matt mcconaughey watches the videos back from earth for the first time was some fine acting.
  17. The best movie I've seen in a while.
  18. Word. I remember watching old movies about clones and thinking, "you can't clone living things." I'm pretty sure plenty of people thought the world was flat too.
  19. eerr identical twins..
  20. That's not how you spell clones.
  21. I can't actually decipher this post.
  22. I'm referring old movies from a long time ago. There were movies about people cloning humans in labs. Back then cloning didn't exist in real life. Now it does.
  23. errrr Identical twins.
  24. How old are you?
  25. That's not how you spell labs.

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