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  1. do you think the interior is gutted? is this a full race car?
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    Why wouldent they gut the interior. Im sure they did. You would want you racing car as light as posible, right?
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    Most racing teams gut the interior, because if they make the car weigh less than class rules, they can use ballast to even out the weight distribution, by putting it in optimal locations.

    I have often seen ballast used on the passenger's side of the car to offset the weight of the driver.<!-- Signature -->
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    I've seen three of these up close and personal; yes they are gutted. There isn't a spark of recognition between the standard production Modena and the 360 GT. The only things it has that make it look like a Ferrari are the racing seat and the words "360 Modena" on the dash.
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    Considering i work on a team that owns one of these the interior is the exact same as the 360 challenge car which is a matter of fact quite close to the factory car
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    Yes, the interior has been gutted on all F360GT's. Yes, it is a full circuit racing car not legal on the streets.
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    Ya there gutted completly
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    They removed the air conditioning system, passanger seat, radio, replaced dash and steering wheel, added a roll cage and a full on-board telemetry computer.
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    You win my prize for stupidest post I've seen today.
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    Uh no. Nothing is 'removed' as it wasn't there in the first place. These cars were built seperatly to the road cars, same chassis, same drivetrain, engine etc. with slight modifications complying with FIA rules for it's class. There are some seats, a roll cage, a stearing wheel and a lot of telemetry inside the car, and that's it.

    It's not a road car, but the track verison of a road car.

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