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  1. New Uni, new you:
  2. Fuuuuuuu........ I still only get like 60mbps down. Where is my gigabit fibre already
  3. Dat ping
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  4. I knew he was a cyborg from the future. Probably on some quantum entanglement connection.
  5. Imagine call of duty on that ping

    Would be owning noobs
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  6. how does this affect the opening of 65 tabs of streaming video

    work videos

    for work
  7. HD video is about ~5Mb/s, so you should have no problem with 65 tabs of work videos.

    For work.
  8. now i can sort by Duration
  9. Are these intergalactic internet speeds the same as owning a 1,000hp car in Manhattan: you make no full use of it, but showing off the numbers around makes your dick larger?
  10. I just signed over to a 250down/250up internet service. Once they come install the hardware I will let you know the real speeds.

    Right now I pay for internet 150.
    I actually get 100down/25up on 5g
    And about 10Down/8up on 2.4

  11. Since mine was my work connection it's actually significant. We move data around between the local department and faculty clusters, Compute Canada infrastructure, and local machines a lot. Even just a single-test-case data set (either computational or experimental) runs around a TB. Once they're localized to a lab group, they are usually stored on off-campus servers and streamed to local machines instead of stored locally, since we use the Google G Suite as our productivity and cloud provider and its way cheaper and easier to organize than a local fileserver (as long as you have the bandwidth to do that).

    Although if I'm torrenting a movie or something I totes do it from work.
  12. Finally got my new internet hooked up
    Pretty good.
    They offer gigabit service for 150$ a month. I may try it. But took their 250 service for now. With a home phone line and tv for 125$ a month.

    That speed is obviously over WiFi. The LAN is actually closer to 275up and down with near to 0 ping
  13. Pretty happy with this, upgraded to 100 Mbps cable from ancient DSL, and then recently the ISP doubled the speed for free.

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