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  1. Im having trouble locating how much an iPhone costs without any plans. May any of yous knows?
  2. $399 US

    go to iphonenow.ca to get one in Canada all ready to go on Rogers

    Apple is bringing the iphone to Canada this year... might be worth the wait
  3. its 399 with a plan or without. you can just get it from the apple store. but if you get one that was made mid november or later, then it will come with firmware 1.1.2 on it, and so far, i dont think you can unlock it
  4. Are they easily available?
  5. oh yea, any apple store
  6. Can I buy one from an AT&T store? The closest to me (Vancouver) is an AT&T store... unless there is a apple store in bellingham?
  7. they do have them at AT&T locations for sure, but i dont know if THEY would sell you it without a contract.

    call and ask
  8. My friends been selling them to cananda for about four months now. He was making crazy money too.
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