Is Honda developing a V8?

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  1. This is what I hear amongst some of my friends. FACT OR FICTION?
  2. Who the #$%# knows what Honda are doing these days, im more concerned with the questions "Are Honda developing a new S2k and ITR"
  3. Honda developed a V8 a long time ago.
  5. I read in a Japanese car mag that the upcoming V10 engine in the NSX is gonna have an 8 cylinder version with an identical architecture. Like the way the upcoming M3's V8 will be a clone of the M5's V10 except the lack of the two cylinders.
  6. Isn't F1 Honda already a V8?
  7. Since they're obviouslly going to put a 2.8 litre V8 engine in a road car and still meet emission and noise regulations.
  8. Since Honda will most likely introduce a V8 into a next generation Ridgeline if they decide to make it fullsize.
  9. honda has had a V8 for ages in the champ car or indy car series.
  10. i think he meant a production-based V8.
  11. they have... kinda.
  12. No, they got special permission to run a 2.2L I4 due to their 'Company heritage' or something.
  13. Honda would never build that or any other RWD/V8 powered production car because of people like Ferrarista01
  14. lol....

  15. That was the best you could do? You have lost your touch
  16. he is not amused
  17. They need to bump displacement because Honda can't make engines.
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    How's this sound for a Honda V8?

  19. The picture of the RL has a mugen tuned v8. It is actually used in the Dome cars
  20. I believe that engine or one that this one was based from first made its appearance in 2002 in the MBD Motorsports Panoz LMP-07 Mugen. It was a shame though because the engine was new, Mugen would never really let them run it at full power, so it wasn't really very competitive.

    The factory Courage ran them last year in the LMS and at the 24 Hours of Le Mans as well, but they also switched to AER power for 2007, so I'm assuming it wasn't that great of an engine.
  21. The RL needs one.
  22. It wasn't as powerful or as light as the aer. Check mulsanne's corner for specs. That Mazda 4 rotor looks nasty though. Unfortunately it weighs far more than the competition. It would do well if Group C was brought back, though(which it won't) <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A> An uprated 4 rotor making 800-900 hp would do well then.
  23. Yep, to compete in that segment you need a V8.

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