Is it a Match for the new Silverado SS?

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    The SS is slower than this. It takes 6.3 seconds to go to 60 nad has 345 horsepower. This is not a big difference, but the Lightning uses its power better.
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    I own a lightning and i've beaten SS's (and it was not much of a match)
  3. ditto, SS's are for shit, and all the chevy guys, like the #$%#aford ass clown, get the hell outta here unless you get your facts straight
  4. read the july/aug issue of truck trend. they tested the ram hemi, harley f-150, and the silverado ss. this is a quote from the mag, (and this is not the only mag i have read that says this)

    "with the only option on our test ss being the spare-tire lock (at $15), the $40,010 silverado left us shaking our heads...Gm came with high hopes for the ss, but it fell short of the mark... the chevy certainly outbraked the competition, but failed to take any of our other performance tests. throw in the high price, less than steller interior fit and finish, a sport truck wannabe front end treatment, and we think the ss team might want to give this another shot...seemingly ford has the right recipe for high-horsepower/great handling pickups."

    this test was using the harley f-150, and the lightning has even more power, so do you still think the ss would win? wake up and smell the buring rubber from the f-150.


    ss ram f-150 harley f-150 lightning
    power 345 345 340 380
    torque 380 375 425 450
    0-60 6.62 6.83 5.96 5.2
    0-100 20.22 20.85 16.16 13.6
    1/4 mile 14.99/89mph 15.12/89mph 14.39/96mph 13.7/101mph
  5. wow john17 i donno what you have been smoking. The ford lighting is a 4700 lb single cab short bed wit a s/c V-8 pushing a 5.2sec 0-60 and 380bhp and 440ft/lbs of torque if you think the ss can win i will race any ss stock vs stock!!!

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