Is it better to take the 300ZX or the SUPRA

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    I am tired of hearing AND seeing Supras getting all the publicity and hype. HYPE thats exactly it is, Dont for one minute believe that our Z's are inferior in anyway to the Toyota Supra MK IV(im not going to trash talk about the appearance or anything i am just stating thr facts!!)
    I dont need to give anyone the history about these two rivals.. it is well documented and old news. What i will say is before your mind starts pondering all kinds of thoughts let me just assure you. The VG30DETT is a stronger MOTOR than the 2JG-GTE period!!!
    I know i know your probably thinking im full of it huh?
    How could a V-6 be stronger than an inline 6? Well being Extremely familiar with both the Dyno and internals of both engines i have no doubt.

    See in simple terms just try to think logically here ok?
    VG30- BORE/STROKE 3.43 X 3.27(Tip-1995 Bore a bit bigger)
    2JG- BORE/STROKE 3.39 X 3.39
    Alot of people dont know that our bore is larger!
    and as you know that equals TORQUE
    Where the Toyota loses bore and torque it makes it up in its inline design which is known to have more torque than the V configuration.
    Now the design of the Intake Plenum should give you a hint of the superior thinking and design of Nissan.
    Yes the Toyota is an inline-6 and cant have a dual plenum but that is the price you pay for being "The Japanese Copycat" and trying not to look to much like the Z.Toyota had to have a different engine just to separate itself from the Nissan which was designed and released in 1990 vs. 1993 and a half.(the half year was because the engineers had to go back to the drawing board due to the original design planned for 1993, that was scrapped and redesigned at the last minute to have better performance numbers than the Z.)

    Having the dual plenum is part of the dual inline 3 design.
    (if you notice the Z is full of symetry from the engine down to the interior.) This benefits the engine greatly on the top-end rpm's as well as being very effecient.
    This when combined with seperate dual turbos and true dual exaust demonstrates the powerband to great degree.
    the Z is rated at [email protected](230 rwhp)[email protected](95 model 245rwhp!)
    The Supra [email protected] [email protected]
    Which powerband do you logically think is more of a top-end design? one that has its rated peak at 5600rpm or 6400rpm?
    I know you read that the Supra is ALOT stronger by all magazines that are for the general public(Road and Track/MotorTrend/Car and Driver). They want you to believe that the Supra runs 0-60 4.6 and 1/4 mile [email protected]
    And that the Z ONLY runs 0-60 5.5 1/4 mile [email protected]?

    Now how do you figure a vehicle that has a Powerband that starts at 4000rpm with alot of lag and is geared with a 3.27 rear-end out accelerate a powerband that starts at 3600rpm with a quicker spool up and is geared with a deeper 3.69 rear end.
    I know your saying but the Toyota has more boost 11.0psi vs 9.0psi and has 20more h.p.
    Dont be so sure about these times..... Those of us who have been at the track can testify that even the 6spd models do not run NEAR those times and are really inconsistent.
    As we have seen the Supra runs on the avg around [email protected] is with 320hp and 11.0psi! The Z's run around the same times with ONLY 300 and 9.0psi Why?
    Because the VG30 does not rely on so much boost due to the more effecient design(better inhailing and exhailing)and stronger motor. When modified you will notice that the Supra needs around 18psi of boost to achieve the same hp the Z does at 15-16psi.The only and i mean only reason the Supra has higher dyno numbers is simple its because of the stock 550cc injectors, which have more capacity than the 370cc Z injectors.They dont need very much to be strong all they need to do is crank the boost no fuel problems. The Z runs out of fuel capacity at around 350rwhp(420)This causes the Supra to surpass us sooner thats all. Dont be alarmed because all the Z owner needs to do(and should be considered mandatory)is upgrade those Damn injectors to 555cc. Then it is level playing ground no advantages!(the Toyota Turbos are not Significantly larger to overtake the Nissan engine design.)This is where The hype stops and the Facts are brought to light!!!
    See for yourself take a 300ZX with all the basic mods and 555cc at 19psi . Now take a "BPU" Supra with 22psi and witness the theory in reality. The Z will run higher trap speeds with the stock turbos than will the Supra with stock turbos and 22psi.It has been proven time and time again!!!

    If you still dont believe me just take it from the Former Chief Editor for Motor Trend "In 1993 Toyota had been sending cheater samples to the media to get better performance numbers".

    I hope this shed some light on this matter that is long overdue. If you have any doubts the only way to prove them wrong is to sacrifice (1000-1500 dollars on 555cc injectors)
    and prove to the media and racing scene that the Z has to be respected!!
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    oh yeah forgot to say, that supra and the z are both put to shame by the rx7. heh.

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    I just wrote a huge reply but it was wiped when I clicked on the smiles link <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    I agree with fd3smachine. I have heard from many places the Supra taken for test drives where tuned up, the whole engine was scrapped when the 300ZX came out. Car companies do not scrap engine for no reason. The only reason that can be made is their engine was vastely inferior than the ZXs. If it was close, they would have changed a few things to make it more powerful, but they scrapped the whole thing. That is a drastic thing to do.

    Supras get all the publicity for some reason, and if we believe all the publicity, one in 3 Supras have over 500bhp because they are so easy to modify. If I believed what I read, you can change the air filter and add 50bhp to a Supra. Ha Ha Ha!
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    You are wrong, although the 300zx offers more feel than the 3000gt, the supra offers more feel than the z although the z handles better. the lack of feel is caused by super hicas.
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    Ummm no, the hicas only moves the wheels 2 degrees at max which allows for a MUCH faster emergency lance change speed. The supra is so big that it hints at feeling vague. Lock to lock the steering is looser too.

    and calling that guy wrong because HE PRODUCED FACTUAL NUMBERS makes you look like a retard.
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    ok i am not saying that he is wrong about the z being smaller. and i know it only moves the wheels 2 degrees. I have driven a Z fast and can tell you that it has less feel than an rx-7 a boxster or a miata. I have never driven a supra fast so i was taking a semi-educated guess. I appoligise if my statement was not true. the Z has phenomenal handling but tends to lack the feel of the cars i mentioned i simply assumed that this was because of the 4 wheel steering but looking back it is probably a mass issue. I was not debating that the super hicas improves the handling greatly i was stating my (wrong?)assumption that the lack of feel was from hicas.
    I was not trying to insult the Z so plese don't take offence to anything i said.

    oh and nice car.
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    Yes it feels a lot more vague than the miata, boxster and RX-7 and yes that is due to mass and wheelbase. The supra weighs about the same but has a wheelbase about 5 inches longer than a Z making it VERY loose. same goes for the VR-4, the thing is so wide it's very stable but it does feel kinda vague.Sorry I was so testy. and thanks for the compliment. I need new pics as I redid the grille and corner lights.
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    I would take the z beause it is cheaper and just about as quick. Plus the 300z has the Super-Hicas and 4-wheel steering. the MPG is also better on the 300zx. Plus with the money you save you could really modefy it or buy another car. the supra looks cool too though.

    tell me which looks cooler, both have same paint job too.
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    is that your car?

    if so its awesome onlything i don't really like are the wheels
    never really liked 3 spokes and the stock Z wheels look great
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    No the car in the pic is not my car. It is pretty cool though. this is my car.
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    nice car! the late style bumper and the wheels are nice. what size tires do you have on it?
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    Well the front tires are 245/40-18 and the rears are 275/35-18 Yokohama avs sports. The rims are 18's. I tried the BfG's G-Force TA, they give really good performance but wear out quickly. Yoko's are best. Since I work for Discount tire company as a computer Network repair tech, I get really cool discounts on tires and rims.
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    In the other thread you said that you worked for Racing trenz in Denver, now you work for Discount tire? Do I smell an internet bench racer?

    That 300zx in the pic is not your car. If you live in denver I would have seen that car at one of the many meets around town. Plus I have been to trenz and there is always a NSX and a 240SX there, but no Z like that, not even in denver.
  15. I used to be the very proud owner of a 1991 300zx TT. I bought it for $11,000. TD05 turbos, 850cc injectors, dual 2.5 exhaust, no cats, Tein Suspension, jun flywheel, rps triple plate clutch, SGP pistons, eagle rods and alot of other goodies. I don't know how much you guys pay for Z's elsewhere, but 11 grand was damn cheap compared to the prices I saw for Supra's. The modifications the guy did cost more than I payed for the car. There were reciepts for $13,000 worth of parts and labor. Bottom line, It was awesome for the 1 month and 2 weeks that I had it. Then I wrecked it because I'm a freaking idiot who couldn't handle it at 140mph. I got a couple pics of the crash that the police took if anyone would like to see, plus a couple from the injuries I sustained (minimal, just cuts and scrapes from glass). First off I'd like to say that the Z performs very well in roll-over accidents. I slid 40 yards, hit a brick sign, and then rolled 6 to 8 times into a tree. Most of the car was crushed, however the cabin area was fine. The only windows that shattered were the two door windows. The top did not collapse at all (Thanks Nissan) and the T-tops did not come off or even crack. The seatbelt held me in place very well too. In fact I crawled out of the window and scratched my head in disbelief. I feel that in any other car I would have been dead. That said, I'll tell you that for a Japanese Supercar, you can't get more HP for the buck. I have Dyno-charts that rated the car at 552hp. Thats $20 per horse including the price of the car. You just can't find that kind of hp/$ anywhere else. I've heard 3000gt's are tough to modify, and rx7's and supra's just seem to costly to be effective. + Have you ever sat in a Supra? Its got that stupid high-curved dash that gets in the way of everything. I don't care that my Z only had 2 seats. It made me feel like I was driving something exotic. It even looked exotic from the outside. Now I drive a 93 prelude vtec with DC header, no cat, DC ecxaust, skunk2 cams, aem cam gears, ur pulleys, hondata computer, and aem intake. Let me just tell you, it freaking blows! So slow in comparison, I hate my new car. I bought it for $2000, put about $1000 into making it look better, put another $1200 into making it faster...and it is, but it is still really really slow. I don't have timeslips for either (never got the chance with the Z, don't care for the lude) to back any of this up, but just from experience. 0-60 of maybe 5.5 to 6 seconds for the lude, 3 to 4 for the Z, quarter mile of around 15.0 for the lude, 11 to 11.5 for the Z. If you can handle 552hp (about 650 at crank)...get a Z. Don't be like me and think you can handle it when the only other car you've ever owned was a 98hp toyota paseo. Also don't get a 4cyl non-turbo car ever. Just don't.
  16. The 300zx did come out in a 2+2 TT and is 8" longer than the 2 seater.
    And can waste a supra anyday.
    Of course mine is about 420hp and growing, but ive never had a drive in another zx so cant compare to standard.
    Thats my 300zx TT 2+2 noice the petrol cap is behind the wheel
    but the supra is still a nice car just dont have the cash for one. <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/smile.gif"></A>

  19. I realize this thread is very old, but I came across it today and thought I should leave my two cents. I currently have a 95 300zx TT 2+2. It was dynoed about a year ago at 820HP. I have put lots into it and it is a perfect example of a 300ZX. I also have a 1996 Supra that my wife is using as a daily driver. My Supra hasn't been Dynoed but it is minimum 600 HP, Most likely more. It is by far and away more expensive than my ZX. I think these are two of the best looking cars, period. I have always wanted a 1996-2002 RX-7. They are gorgeous, and I have always thought of them as Viper Killers. But the truth is my ZX, would put most Vipers, Supras, RX-7 and RX-8 to complete shame. I have upgraded nearly every possible upgrade. And it was done for maybe 1/2 to 3/4 of what the Supra has cost me. I love the Supra, but the truth is, not only do I personally think that my ZX is better in every single possible way. And in any race the ZX would blow the doors off the competition. I have several videos of it on youtube if anyone is still interested.
  20. No offense, but how the hell do you roll a beautiful car that you put so much money into? I've raced people at 143 and 152 mph and never EVER did I lose control. HOW do you lose control at those speeds unless you're an idiot? And why would you race in conditions other than optimal? I.E. an open road? There should never ever ever be an excuse for that shiz.

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