Is it just me...

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  1. Hello, Mr. McLaren
  2. Uh, hi.
  3. Any answers?
  4. respond neegro
  5. Let's take a look at this from a biblical perspective...

    Who used to perform miracles back in the day? Jesus, for sure. The Apostles did some in the name of Jesus. The OT prophets performed a few to display God's power to the nation of Israel. And a select handful of men who God specifically singled out for a chosen purpose(like Moses).

    But even back when crazy things were happening (like donkeys speaking to people, or dudes walking on water) not everybody knew about it. The purpose of miracles has always been to bring glory to God, but they are still limited by time and space (not everybody gets to enjoy them first-hand). So who's to say that miracles still aren't happening, and perhaps we're just not aware of them? Talk to any missionary and they'll tell you of all sorts of crazy things that God has done in their midst.

    So I contend that they're still happening, in spite of our cluelessness.

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