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  1. I guess I'm trying to find meaning in our behaviour and if you think about it
    A lot of the activity we do, like for example this car forum we idolize and dream
    About owning and driving these sexual machines.

    I was trying to put all behaviour under one basic motive.

    Fetish could be the word or perhaps obsession.

    Something that drives us to do what we do. Passion perhaps.
  2. some jaden smith shit
  3. i see what you're saying. I've thought long about this kind of stuff too. My question is always "What is this person's end-state?" I know some people who have more money than they need and always seem restless and unable to appreciate what they have. And then you have your billionaires who dress horribly, eat simply, have an unhappy demeanor, and don't seem to care about anything other than making more money. I don't get it. After a certain point, what's the point?
  4. wheelman I dont really understand your reply so ill just end this thread saying.

    I think everyone is addicted to dopamine and different people get it from different things.
    money, sex, sports, eating etc

    so to answer my own question i'm saying that life is full of different ways to get pleasure
    and everyone gets it from different things. The choice is up to you to find what makes you feel good.

  5. sure, and thinking too much about it is a waste of time unless your work revolves around those things. Just live your life.
  6. thanks thats good advice
  7. life is life
  8. because autism
  9. Lol ultimate my ass. Even Daisy's destruction isn't ultimate domination/submission.
  10. What is the ultimate in your opinion
  11. Life is like a box of chocolates
  12. Probably something like what happened to Natascha Kampusch but involving more extreme forms of physical and psychological torture.

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  14. Don't know who that is but I guess what your saying is
    There are no limits to which people will go for pleasure.

  15. Hell yes there are limits. Every functioning adult has a shitload of limits everywhere. A 1-in-10,000,000 paedo rapist serial killer is hardly representative of what most people are like.

  16. I was just generalizing. In a world without laws I think u could say there are no limits

    Anyway I'm bored of this thread
  17. in a world without laws youre still a #$%#ing drip
  18. I think your favorite movies are The Purge and The Purge II
  19. in a world without laws you and your attitude would be dead in 2 minutes. also #$%# you
  20. never heard of that movie.
  21. In primitive societies there are no "laws", yet there are many limits. Try being a raping serial killer in any 3rd world slum. Ghetto justice will be served. Even pack animals have lots of limits.

    And you are not bored, you just don't want to admit that your reasoning is flawed. Which is a pussy move in my book.
  22. yeah just watch Louis Theroux in Johannesbourgh, the ghetto gets rid of people quite effectively

    "why did you burn the man"
    "because the community decide it"

  23. Guess the offspring of you two would be dripping ****s then. Which is prolly better than dry ****s.
  24. instead of a world without laws can we just have a world without youtube so this #$%#er can't try and fill it up with his aut-art
  25. I have learned a lot from this thread.

    christofurr is an annoying twat

    the world has unwritten rules of behaviour towards each other...

    I am not very informed as to various rules and behaviours in the world (the world is a complicated place)

    I am not autistic

    I need to read a whole hill load of books and see some movies

    life is a box of chocolates

    people on this forum are pretty smart.

    thanks for the experience


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