Is she pretty?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by BuickGNXkillsALL, Aug 24, 2013.

  1. pretty as in "girlfriend" material?
  2. She's pretty enough. I mean, she's not a super-model, but if you like her enough to consider a substantial relationship that's not a problem.
  3. She could easily be a lot prettier if she got a teeth whitening, straightened out her acne and lost 15 lbs
  4. She's ok without that hideous frizz hair.
  5. Don't listen to theses fools, she looks good. And the real important part is that both of you are happy together. Beauty is not important.
  6. I totally agree about the hair!
  7. Thanks v8Stangman... But Too bad she is my Ex girlfriend.

    We aren't on bad terms with each other, but we are no longer together... I was with her Jan 2013 til July 2013 (6 months).
  8. she is better without curly hair. I never liked people with curly hair
  9. Paging Dr. Corks.
  10. Oh, an ex-girlfriend thread? Can mods delete this?
  11. she looks like cleverrobotandbigrobs friend
  12. Shes cute. So yes.

    Lol at teeth whitening. Thats terrible
  13. Oh god. First thing that popped in my mind as well

    Creepers gonna creep
  14. im not creep
    i consider myself one of the couples best friends and i am privy to their internet life and real life.
  15. 6/10 - would stain her teeth with my semen
  16. looks best in the cooking pic. maybe just because i like food or because cleavage or because i don't like cats. why are you even asking if she is your ex?
  17. I agree about teh hair.
  18. I was meaning to make this thread when I was still with her. Never really had time..

    Now that Im bored, I acted on my idea...
  19. She looks more like a cleverrobotandbigrob friend but not the one you're thinking of.
  20. Do you think a Gerber Mark 2 thrust into the epiglottis is proper punishment for having curly hair?
  21. Looks like the type who doesn't shave
  22. actually she shaved. I prefer waxed.
  23. No, I would have payed her an appointment to the best hair stylist to get something more classy in order to avoid to get bored by her sheepy haircut
  24. And then do some nice throat#$%#ing. Epiglottis feels much nicer than the cervix.

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