Is she pretty?

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  1. Beauty is important. The internet's opinion of what you consider beautiful isn't.
  2. especially for women over 50
  3. I like curly hair
  4. She looks Israeli. Take that wherever you want.
  5. She appears to be the high end of your get ability. If she isn't crazy that is. I had a friend that always got gfs out of his league, but never wanted to spend time with them. Guess why.
  6. crazy is fun in the short term. nowhere else but in the short term definitely fun.
  7. She looks pretty, but most pregnant women do
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  9. How is baby formed?
  10. Super average. Nothing bad, but nothing great.
  11. A pretty woman makes her man look small and very often causes his downfall
  12. yeah she is really great , if you like being Eskimo brothers with corks ...
  13. i do a lot of thinking
  14. At least she knows her place..
  15. LOLing hard.
  16. Lots of standards going on in this thread, jeez. She's pretty. Not a total knockout, but a lot of potential. She's got the kind of look where a good or bad personality can also take her hotness up or down at least a full point (some girls are hot/ugly enough that the personality only makes so much difference).

    Regardless, she's definitely someone you could feel good taking out in public. Why'd you break up?
  17. Chicks always think other girls are prettier than guys think they are.

    Unless the guy is her significant other. Then all other chicks are horse-faces.
  18. best comment in the thread.
  19. seriously.

    this girl is pretty good looking. i mean, it's no supermodel, but still. she has a cute smile, nice body, nice eyes too.
  20. Yeah, I'd agree with that. She also has nappy hair, bad skin, and chubby upper arms. So she's average. Very average. I'd date her for a little while.
  21. Gotta love that gut.
  22. oh come on that's not chubby.
  23. Or if the chick in question is 1) famous, or 2) hot enough that she gets stares everywhere she goes. Then other girls will always think she's "not nearly as hot as you guys say she is."
  24. Guys to girls:

    "You aren't as pretty as you think you are."

    "Confidence is the sexiest characteristic a woman can have."
  25. Guys who find confidence in girls to be sexy are eunuchs

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