Is she pretty?

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  1. girls that are confident are annoying because they overplay it
  2. Exactly, and guys who find it attractive are weird
  3. girls that are confident are arrogant and arrogance is the biggest turnoff ever
  4. So... low self-esteem is a good quality to have?

    I'm not even trolling anymore. You guys seriously like that?
  5. Confidence =/= arrogance
  6. This is kind of what I was thinking, but you never know on this site...
  7. I should have said over confident. My bad
  8. I find it very attractive.

    I'd never attempt to have an actual relationship with that kind of woman, though.
  9. And you are weird, like I said.
  10. Well, ok see... I don't know that people are as black and white as you're seeing things. People aren't either just over-confident or riddled with low self-esteem. There are more than two kinds of personality traits you know.

    What I'm talking about is over-confidence.
  11. Beyonce is a woman i dislike because shes too confident.
  12. Weird is good

    I don't like boring/too predictable
  13. Extraordinary is good.

    Weird is just weird.
  14. Havent read thread*

    anyone else see the crazy eyes or is it just me?
  15. as did I.
  16. I spent 2-3 times a week with her (8-12 per a week) and she wanted me to spend more time with her (4-5 days a week).

    I work full time, I drive to work and back from work (total 100+ miles a day... 2+ hrs of driving). I cannot give her that much time that she is expecting from me.
    She doesn't drive and she is a student and she works as a babysitter.
    So this means I have to always drive to her(which wasn't too bad because she lives less than 5 miles from my house)...

    At least once a week we would go somewhere (just to eat, or maybe just go hiking, then eat somewhere)

    I saw her twice as much as I saw my family and friends in a week and yet that wasn't enough. (I honestly am not capable of giving that much time to her). She is demanding too much from me and Im not gonna have it.

    I can go on and on, but the bottom line is that:
    To me, She was too immature (in many things) and expecting a fairytale relationship with me. (She is 24), I was 28 (Now Im 29).

  17. She is also Armenian, but yeah she has that Jew fro.

  18. Why the hell would you live 50+ miles from work? What the actual #$%#?
  19. Hell I live about 23.6km from work and it seems like forever @ 120 km/h
  20. I live 3 miles from work
  21. I said confidence, not arrogant douchebaggery. You're the one making it black and white! YOU!!!
  22. remi how was the sex
  23. Probably because it pays pretty decent.
  24. She was/is a virgin, Im a nice guy, I didnt wanna break her in since she has waited that long.

    I did everything else though.

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