Is someone at Chevy on acid?

Discussion in '2006 Lexus SC430 GT500' started by droptheHAMMER, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. This this is like a bad dream. It's like the PT Cruiser, VW Bug and an El Camino fu(ked and out poped this monstrosity ! Watch for flashbacks! Chevy Sucks Ass !
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    Sounds like you are on it too.<!-- Signature -->
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    ok one world Disgusting like they aren;t on acid there coke vines or been doing acid since the 60's like this what is this like chevy is just pathetic
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    Chevy was good until 1974.
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    I think this is a pretty cool car. I think puts an old chevy and a new one together. I think Chevrolet is trying to create the old smooth classics again and i think it isn't doing to bad, so if you don't like it don't whine just [email protected]#tup
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    yes they missed the mark on this one. I think they can think of something better that a pick-up roadster
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    I don't know about that. Look at their line of trucks. No major design changes since before I can remember. The funny thing is, people still buy them.
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    Really, if you hate Chevrolet, I would advise you to stay out of the Chevrolet forums. It's quite pathetic, to come to our forums and start flaming. If you care about your account on, I would suggest you leave the Chevy forums if you have only negitive things to say.

    Also I see absolutely no resemblance of a PT Cruiser. And, ElCaminos are among my favorite trucks.
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    I do believe ElCaminos are classified as cars. They can't haul worth nothin'
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    No they are classified as passenger trucks. El Camino= The Truck.

    Anyways, stock, you're right they cannot haul shit. But my ElCamino is a 350V8, Muncie 4-speed, she can haul just fine. Well definitely better than fine. It hauls a lot of weight.
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    If you think it can haul take two people, 500 Pounds of stuff and through it in the box, and a 5000 Pound trailer. Take all of that and climb the rockies to en elevation of 10,000ft. If you make it with no problems, it is a truck. BTW GOOD LUCK, You'll need it.
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    I really wouldn't need to hall 500lbs, nor a 5000lbs trailer. Or go to an evevation of 10,000ft. Lets be realistic here. The point is I love ElCaminos, I can haul enough weight, more than cars. And get to where I am going in a attractive looking truck.
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    It can't do what I said can it?

    "...get to where I am going in a attractive looking truck." If it can't do what I posted before then IT ISN'T A TRUCK, IT IS A CAR.
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    This is a pointless argument, it has a truck bed. And can fit a lot of things it in, inwhich a car cannot. Also it can tow a considerably amount of weight. So yes it is a car/truck. Its a combination of both.

    That is however besides the point. You calling this car crap is absolutely ridiculous. Go back to the Ford forums you ass-monkey.
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    MAKE ME! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>

    I'll take my real truck and drive over your so called truck and see if you can call it a truck then. ElCaminos are based on a station wagon/hurst and not a pick-up truck body. They are cars, PERIOD. Rock climb with your ElCamino, I DARE YOU.
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    Chevy made its own car-truck when the saw the success of the Ranchero. The ElCamino however being far more successful. Also between the years of 1968-1972 they were moreless based on a Chevelle, or viceversa. Not a hurst or station wagon.

    If you dont stop your nonsense you will be banned.
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    Sure, you just proved to me that it is in fact based on a car. So quit calling it a truck!
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    You're an idiot.

    I said intially that it was a Car/truck. Offcially known as a Passenger truck. The whole name means truck, El(the) Camino(truck). Thats besides the point. They have a truck bed. You're ridiculous agrument is that they arent even a 'real' truck. What makes them not a 'real' truck?

    The Chevelle besides was a big car. Compared to cars built today its like a damn truck. lol
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    Back on subject, specifically what is wrong with this car?

    If you are an idiot and you're going to say, because Chevy sucks, dont post.
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    First off, Chevy does suck. Second, there isn't much of any market for it. They are taking a risk like Ford with the Thunderbird which could make or break the company. Obviouslu it made Ford better known. The SSR is to small and only seats 2. Ford has abandon the regular cab on the 2004 F-150s and made it more like a super regular because there is 13 inches behind the seats. How many regular cabs to you see around town anymore? I see next to none. The box is also small and with a box that size, you'd usually see a extendedor crew cab. There is little to no demand for it.

    Trucks are:
    Optional 4X4 on select models
    Capable of off roading with manufacture provided offroad package
    Manufacture provides offroad package
    Capable of towing and hauling
    Has a lower-than-car range of gears
    Has relativly high center of gravity
    Not capable of speeds over one hundred and if it does, not recommended for safty reasons
    Engine designed for high torque and less HP

    By my standerds, if a vehicle doesn't meet five of these eight features, it ain't a truck.
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    Did you just say Chevy sucks??? Are you braindead? Were you dropped on your head? Chevy has the longest lasting trucks on the road.

    The Camaro has ALWAYS had a stronger engine than the Stang. Ford never had an engine more powerful than the LS1, and you can't mention the Cobra R because that was a limited edition. But if you want to, I'll throw in the ZL1's LS6 engine which wastes the Cobra R's.
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    Good one! Anyway this "TRUCK"(SSR) is awesome!!!
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    Yo! You can't go over 65 MPH in my area any way and if I were to buy a car for racing, I'd get a [email protected]#$%^& McLaren. Ford Thinks practicallity and if it isn't practical, it is roduced in limited quantities.

    Chevy's are not the longest lasting trucks on the road. Studies prove it. That whole "Like a rock" thing is a selling catch and so is their false "Longest Lasting" phrase too. They never figure in abuse when they figure that one out. If you did, you'd find they are all equal enough to not be able to call any "the longest lasting."

    What truck sold the best for 20+ years running? NOT CHEVY, OR DODGE! FORD! You could get a Toyota and stick Ford symbols on it and it would sell like hot cakes.

    What about the engine in the Ford GT90 (V12 Quad Turbo), Indigo (V12), Boss(10L V8), GT40(V8), and so on? Personally, I couldn't care less if it could hit 90MPH. Ford is more than capable to put together a better engine then Chevy but they don't see a reason to, neither do I.
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    Why the hell are you rambling off a bunch of CONCEPTS that Ford never produced? Huh?

    I'm not going to say it again. Chevrolet has THE LONGEST LASTING TRUCKS ON THE ROAD. End of story.

    Answer this question. Where does Ford think only of practicality???? The Lightning is practical??? What about the POS 10 liter Boss that broke down while they tested it against the ZL1 (which beat it)?

    You don't make any sense. You're retarded. If you had half a friggin brain maybe you'd be worth more of my time.
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    My computer is swearing at me so i'll keep it short. I listed concepts because they did run and displayed Ford's ability to make good engines that they don't use in production models.

    Longest last truck...I see Model Ts on the road every now and then and the people that restore them say that Ford's generally are easier to restore because of the way they are built. I don't see any thing older then Novas from Chevy and those aren't trucks.

    The GT40 hit over 240MPH on straights during LaMans. What was the fastest Chevy ever pulled? You could pull the limitor off the production GT40s and get the same performace as the LeMans versions.

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