Is this a race worthy car?

Discussion in '2002 Bugatti 16/4 Veyron Preproduction' started by Richard Owen, Aug 9, 2002.

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    In fact there was 7 liter F1, it was road legal but I think theres was only one made. I think it was called the F1 01P or something along thoes lines.
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    As I said above no Mclaren F1 or F1 LM has ever had a 7.0 litre BMW V12 engine. You might be thinking of their F1 engine but even then their F1 car is not road legal, it has never been that way and it will never be that way. The car you might be thinking of is the street legal Pagani Zonda S which had a AMG enhanced 7.0 litre version of the v12 with 550bhp and 553ft lb of torque.
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    Would everyone else shut the hell up, this guy is dead right!
    I mean when asked, could this car race? myself, and I think most of us tend to think Le Mans, because of the fact that Le Mans is a race for supercars to go up against other supercars.
    So as soon as this car gets up to the first corner it will end up having to go slower than my mums Nissan Sunny.
    And theres no reason to disagree the facts are right there Four turbos, the overdone luxury interior the materials and the W16 engine HOW WILL IT TURN HAH!!!
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    Ever since there are muscle cars, a lot of people think that power is the key, but too much of powers can make the car uncontrollable. But, the Japanese and the Europeans strongly disagree. Torque and downforce MUST be considered as part of a real sportscar. Look at the Veyron's specs, its torque is more than enough to get this monster to zip pass a sharp corner in high speed. Its heavyweight is considered useful. The luxurious interior is one of the reason that the car is heavy, but its worth it. Another reason is all of its electronics, such as the run flat system for the tires. The main reason of the heavyweight issue is the safety because a car created for 252 mph must have a body made of harder metals. The weight helped a lot in downforce, so Bugatti can make rooms for the air intakes instead worrying too much about if the car is going to flip or not. As you can see other lightweight sportscars, like the Enzo, must have a lot of visible downforce systems that takes more room. So, without too much VISIBLE downforce systems, the Veyron looks more luxurious and sporty, plus its world's best tires, the Michelin 400, it is the best sportscar ever made. Lastly, there's always a match between the Veyron and the Dauer 962.
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    Lol there is no comparison or match between the lame 16/4 veyron and the Dauer their never has been and their never will be. The main reasoning for the veyron was for Bugatti to show what they COULD do if needed. However since the 16/4 performs like crap and almost killed a driver during a spinout at 218mph who was foolish enough to try to attempt a top speed run. Therefore since the fastest the incrediblty pathetic 16/4 has gone is 218mph (on a straightaway) and its 0-60 time as well as many other times and figures are still ESTIMATED it is in now way in comparison to the Dauer. Also the fact that it has been limited to 218mph by the new chairman Thomas Bscher should tell everyone right away it is not match for the Dauer and it never will be.
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    I think this car is race worthy because it's so power. It can smoke any other car on the track. I mean this thing has 16 cylanders!
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    Lol the 16/4 deathtrap could have 20 cylinders and it would still be pathetic. It is not race worthy because it has not fully been tested yet. I have yet to hear anything about the 16/4 Veyron being involved in any race such as Lemans. Need I add the fact that to compete in Lemans one of the rules is that you have to have street legal production versions of the car your team is competing with, being that the 16/4 is still in prototype phase and not one has been sold, it cannot and will not compete in a race like Lemans, 19VetteNut63 the fact that the 16/4 has a tendency to become so unstable at speeds of over 190mph that it spins out uncontrollably is another reason a 16/4 veyron wont be seen on a race course unless the body is completely redesigned, which will not happen anytime soon.

    It cannot and will not smoke any car on the track. The 16/4 is simply to heavy, and isnt designed for maximum downforce as as are other cars like the Dauer and the Mclaren F1.

    I can understand if some of you guys need to find a drag queen like the 16/4 to idolize and compare cars to over and over again but remember going in a straight line for less than 10 seconds isnt that impressive especially since the fact remains that everyday roads and racing courses like Lemans (courses that have turns and arent only a straight line) require the use of a vehicle which doesn't spin out uncontrollably, is actually a street legal production car (which the 16/4 veyron is not), doesn't have a pathetically slow w16 motor, doesn't have a imaginable 0-60 time and does not have a rumored topseed.
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    Stupid noobs get a god damn life.
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    Post count is not necessarily proportional to automotive knowledge.

    Speaking of getting a life, how much time do you spend on Some people would tell you to get a life given how many posts you have. I'm not saying that you need to get a life or anything like that, I'm just turning the tables so you can see what kind of statement you made there.
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    Yea Supraman u got over 20000 posts. I would have to say that that is pretty many posts. I know u'v probably been a member for a while but u know 20000 is a lot.
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    I think that many races limit some things on the cars. This car is to powerful for racing on a track. Even the 800hp tvr is too powerful for racing. What I mean is its too hard to control that power and there's a point where you waste too much gas and are limited to how much gas you are allowed to carry.
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    Yea when you have too much power there are a lot of disadvantages and you have to sacrifice a lot sometimes to get that power.
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    hmm...8L W16 with 1000 hp, big deal. it has an estimated 3.0s 0-60 time?! the mustang boss 10L V8 with only 850 hp has a time of 1.9s!
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    Umm dude your comparing a Prototype (veyron) to a non street legal non production car drag car (10litre boss mustang) if you do not see the irony in listing the 0-60 time of a drag car then you shouldnt have posted anything at all. The W16 motor is a very weak design and should have never been comprehended let alone manufactured in the first place. Grinnz why dont you go the extra mile and compare the topspeed of the SR-71 Blackbird to that of the 10 litre boss mustang? At least then your post would have been interesting.
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    that guys right tires fuel power are all issues. htese are probably the main reason you could never race this car. as well as the fact that it is a wide mother and although powerfull unless weight is reduced hurrendously i mean most race cars weigh entirely under 1000lbs but this engine i think weighs that itself. if you think where can they take the weight from there isnt the normal carbon fibre body coz its already got it maybe some lighter wheels but this thing houses twentys i think or big 19s and they are wide!!!!! i supose alot would be the interior and electrix i.e. sound system gps. but the engine is as light as its ever gonna be and so is the body so what do you take the weight from

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