Is this actually a Honda forum?

Discussion in '2002 Honda NSX Coupe' started by Ford rulez, Oct 15, 2003.

  1. Doesn't seem like it.

    I mean here we are, in the Forum of the car that changed the entire racing world, and gave a lot of exotic car manufacturers a very rude awakening in the early 90's. The car which lies at the pinnacle of cutting edge engineering. Yet here we have members who are devoted to 1 car of 1 make talking about their respectively admired cars....ok, so why are they posting here?
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    dunno...but wheres the ''this Vs Z06 ?''

    that forums are usually full of ?
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    this is one of the few NSX Forums that's not chock full of them.....of course, there is frequent mention of the Z06 in these forums.
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    yo y'all the nsx will be replaced with the hsx or somthin lik that

    and the nsx is a great car but it is even better when it is in jgtc form like the arta or dome nsx's
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    HSC, and it's not going to be replaced by it, it IS the new NSX.
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    This car needs to be changed, it's too old. They need to give it a bigger engine or a Turbo if they wanna compete with Porsche and Maserati. Iv'e heard theyr'e bringing it out but calling it Honda Sport Car or Whatever but when i heard it doesn't have many mechanical changes i was disappointed. There's all of you guys who adore this car, when now it's outdated and Honda aren't changing it. It's going to become a flop.
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    Well, the Current NSX-R's recent track performances indicate otherwise.

    Likewise with the American Version of the NSX (1/4 less power, just slightly less weight, and yet it still out-accelerates the Mustang Cobra)

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