is this an aztek?

Discussion in '2000 Pontiac Piranha Concept' started by goodin87, Aug 10, 2002.

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    it was more like the concept behind the new Vibe, it looks surprisingly similar, even if this one is a 2dr coupe...
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    I agree with Ivanhoe completely, when people say the Vibe resembles an Aztek, I have to show them my model Piranha and say, "If a Piranha screwed a Montana, the Vibe is what would come out." It also has very similar storage in the rear. I read an article in Pontiac's Summer 2000 magazine saying they based this car on a video game in the way of it's interior controls which would make this an unbelievably fun car to drive...if only there were different colors to choose from.<!-- Signature -->
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    That's funny stuff yo. An avalanche I got one too. An Avalanche is the offspring of a suburban and an explorer.
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    looks like one
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    Goodin87 sucks, this car is great. I love it, and goodin, you are a horrible person for bashing it

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