is this real or a kit?

Discussion in 'Car Pictures' started by RadAL, Oct 14, 2008.

  1. kinda n00bish pics cause he didn't account for the shadows or didn't care about them...
  2. If it's real and he put it on the street then it's pretty awesome.
  3. i think its a kit... but id have to see the engine... it looks somehow too short?
  4. Definitely a kit.
  5. Must be based on a Ultima or something? I've got at magazine where it is pictured aswell. They were saying the it was a replica aswell. But they reconed that the nosecone could be genuine. And also the wheels.
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    Frankly, if it's not real, it's the best replica I've seen in quite a while! The dimensions are quite right, the doors, windshield & canopy dimensions are perfect and even the fuel tank intakes are racing-type, placed in the right place. I tip my hat to the builder if it's a replica nad I'll do the same to the owner if he managed to homologate it to raod use.
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    You are right, it does look a lot like the real thing
  8. won't know until someone finds an engine picture...
  9. atleast one of the real ones are in wisconsin so how many others are left?
  10. no, i'm talking about is this a real street version, or a converted road version... or is it a kit with a non race spec engine?
  11. I get that but what im getting at is the fact that there cant be too many of these cars built(dont know the numbers for sure) but 1 is in wisconsin.
  12. It is a kit but not of an XJR9! Its a kit of an XJR12. The scale of the rear doesn't look right.

    Having seen these cars almost on a daily bases at a former job I can say the kit is very impressive and I am still not sure I haven't got it wrong.
  13. It looks so small from the one I saw at spa :s
  14. yea, its weird, the front looks right but it looks a little bit too small to be real...

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