Israel attacks Libanon

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  1. no, he will occupy Maxico.

    USA made a war with iraq just for their own business.
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    "Everything is very quiet here. The mood is subdued, hesitant and tense.

    I live in an area which is usually very lively and noisy with traffic and people walking around. This morning, there were just a few fishermen about.

    Yesterday, people were out and about getting on with their daily lives. It's quite the opposite today. The attack on the airport was a real shock. People expect the power stations to be hit tonight and Beirut will be in darkness.

    I think Hezbollah's action are completely out of line. They are acting independently of the Lebanese government and have no right to incite this violence against Israel.

    Initially, I thought Israel's reactions in destroying Hezbollah positions and escape routes were appropriate. But the killing of civilians and the bombing of civilian installations, including the airport, is completely unjustified and excessive.

    I expect it to get worse.

    Hezbollah's demands are ridiculous and I don't think they will be met. Lebanon will be reduced to rubble before these prisoners are returned.

    Lebanon and Palestine are being used and completely screwed over by Iran and the islamic extremists. They are blinded by their desire for a land and they will never get anything until they wake up to the fact that they are being used as pawns. It might not be completely fair but they can always just surrender if they want peace, realistically they lost the war along time ago.
  3. You've completely justified Israel's actions in the first half of that post.
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    Ok, the view of one person...and?

    Im sure i'll find 100 quotes stipulating "the #%[email protected] attacked my nations government, how dare they!"
  5. During the kidnapping several soldiers got killed, and several IDF posts were attacked. After that, Israel attacked.
  6. Christians in Palestine wish muslims to defend their country as well.

    most palestinians are muslims then its a muslim country.
  7. Why would they not fly in supplies? How do they come from Iran? Also from Syria I would still assume that they still fly in supplies. This now forces them to move by land or rail which may be much easier to intercept. I am not assuming that this will stop all supplies, but take out one method.
  8. Its too late for that, the wahabists hijacked the conflict a while ago and turned it into islam vs the world. The palestinians should be just as pissed at the muslim extremists as israel but they are too easily manipulated and think the islamic extremists are on their side.
  9. True.
  10. Please don't call me stupid without proving it.
  11. You probably stoped 5% of supplies comming in but f/cked up 90% of civilians.

    It would have been far easier to attack the Lebanon/Syria border because most of the supplies would have been comming in via roads...common sense would tell you that.

    This was a message from Israel to Lebanon. It was too much too soon though
  12. I have proved it over and over, its not my fault you have selective reading.
  13. We cut their ways of transportation so the kidnapped soldiers aren't transferred out of Lebanon.
    Again, we did the world a favor. Last thing everybody needs is for this to physically involve Syria and Iran.
  14. What most people dont know/understand is that Palestinian people hate muslim extreemist more than anyone else because they have severely f*cked it up for them. What the palestinians ask for is that when these Muslim extreemist stike, dont strike the palestinian people in retaliation.
  15. Imagine if Isreal treated the Palestinians the same way they do now and the Palestians did not suicide bomb civilians, fire rockets into Isreal, or kidnap soldiers? Can you imagine how quickly the world would turn against Isreal. Groups like Hamas and Hezbollah only hurt the Palestians by justifying Isreal's actions. Then it is sad that kids like K21 are brainwashed into think these terrorists help the Palestinians, when they are only hurting them.
  16. Saying random things, as true as they may be, does not make them proof.
  17. Agree 100%
  18. Well thats too late not isnt it? Espeically when the first thing the US said about it was that it was Syria and Irans fault. The USA needed an excuse to get rid of them both and they may have just found it.

    I really dont think Israel knew what it was getting itself into when they done this, they could have approached it in a more civilised and direct manner rather than attack another nation...its Israel at its best though because they know they have backing from the US.
  19. Syria and Iran are not physically involved, yet.
  20. Is that your expert opinion?

    Attacking the border is very dangerous because it could easily get Syria involved in the conflict. And who is to say that Isreal is not watching the border waiting for any big supplies movements to attack.

    Common sense would tell me that shipping by air is much better. Since it would be faster, harder to intercept in route, and stop stuff from Iran, which you seem to miss.
  21. Agree, Althow the US does'nt have the manpower to invade another country at present time.

  22. You dont attack the civilian international airport, thats just stupidity at its best and like i said before Israel have dug a massive hole for themselves now.
  23. You attack whatever airport when you don't want kidnapped soldiers going out of the country.
  24. Dude Iraq wasnt involved in 9/11 whatsoever yet they still went it, Syria and Iran got involved as soon as they were kidnapped.

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