Israel attacks Libanon

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Dahlis, Jul 12, 2006.

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  2. Thanks a lot Georg Merkelslavsky, I apreciate your support. I hate sand niggers.
  3. completely agreed.
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  5. its actually really beautiful contrary to popular belief

    And to the people who say this shit is unreasonable? Think, America would have done the same thing. I mean at one stage you guys fought a whole war over barrels of oil? Think what would happened if soume of your soldiers would have ben kidnapped
  6. Make me an Israel avatar, I feel like rooting for Israel now.
  8. I want something more distinctive...
  9. That's getting scary...
  11. no,it isn't only you c0munista who remarked this. I am pretty sure that Ferrarista has arab origins but when I asked him if he was a Saudi, he answered that he was a good born and bread Australian which was false. Because recently in one thread, he said he had mid-eastern origins. I think he should have been honest at the very beginning, I don't understand why did he need to hide his roots/origins?
  12. Unfortunately, human nature has not changed with time<A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="pitlane/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>
  13. Sad but true.
  14. Yeah, they just imprison random people. It's not Islamic terrorists that they have in custody or anything...
  15. Just force against who? Who should they attack? Hezbollah isn't a country that you can attack or invade.
  16. HAHAHAHAHA. Do you have any slight idea what Hamas is? You've got to be kidding me.

    edit: Not to mention Islamic Jihad.
  17. You do realize that they also blew up the main road between Damascus and Beirut as well, right? Do you not believe that Iran and Syria flew supplies into Lebanon or do you seriously think they drove everything in?
  18. Which explains why they elected Hamas to run their government, eh?
  19. You do realize that Hezbollah is almost entirely funded by Iran and Syria, don't you?
  20. Yes, Hezbollah doesn't have access to any airplanes...
  21. Yeah, But that does'nt mean Iran is behind the atacks.
  22. Were you aware that the Palestineans don't like Islamists?!? It's shocking, I know!
  23. If Israel wanted to force anyone to leave, they'd be doing it now. There are Muslim Arabs living within Israel's borders. Let me make sure that that's clear. Many Muslim Arabs live in Israel, not just the occupied territories. Some of them are loyal to Israel and some of them aren't. They are allowed to vote, and in heavily Muslim areas, they elect Muslims to represent them in the legislature. There are members of Israel's legislature that are calling for the destruction of Israel. No other country in the Middle East has this kind of democracy.

    If the "Palestinians" surrendered, the international community would force Israel to give up the occupied territories, if Israel didn't do it voluntarily.
  24. It doesn't mean that Iran specifically said, "Go kidnap these soldiers on this day," but they pay for Hezbollah to carry out terrorist attacks. Or do you suppose that Iran is horrified at the military actions of Hezbollah?
  25. true,nah,,true,nah.

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