Issues with the new Camaro

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  1. What does number sign, dollar sign, percentage, number sign scared mean?
  2. My point exactly. White people like to conceal their identity, because they're SCARED! Not of the police (they are the police), but of the power of the black man in general. I've been in the army and in prison, so I realize a man is a man no matter the race, creed or color. But I can also testify as to what I've seen. White people consider themselves superior, as a race, due to generations of mental poison. Society foolishly equates wealth with integrity. Meaning that what you have/know, somehow makes you further evolved as a man. Being that they view themselves as superior, whites in general feel threaten/embarassed to see an inferior (in their minds) species thrive in THEIR world. What's most disheartening is the realization that our penises are larger than theirs. What's down-right frightening is the fact that, white women know this too! On the most BASIC of all levels, it makes them feel less powerful as a man.

    I'm not a racist. If it weren't for slavery I wouldn't know our true and living GOD. We all have different strenghts/weaknesses as races, but white people (some) still view themeselves as masters of the universe.
  3. i've readed somewhere that black people does NOT have a bigger penis while asians does have a smaller penis.
  4. You've read somehere...thats' funny. Go ask any stripper/whore on the street. You can't ask your woman, because if she had been with a black man, she wouldn't be yours.
  5. Calm down chocolate
  6. Your comment about Slavery makes me laugh. How long were blacks enslaved by whites? 186 years? Jews were slaves for thousands of years then they were nearly whiped off the planet, yet they dont complain. They just sit there quietly and make money. Asians were also enslaved often used for hard labour, yet I dont hear them complain either!

    I am not actually racist though I do enjoy givin people a hard time and racial humour does make me laugh. But! The Black community complains too much. You guys have not endured anything in relative comparison to numerous other races yet you all complain about whites holding you down. Its your own responsibility to rise above not for white people to bend over backwards and bow down and give you all a helping hand because of past errors we have made.
    Quit killing eachother on the streets, quit dropping out of school, come together, overcome and prosper. You are only holding yourself back by blaming white people for your problems.

    The fact of the matter is White people evolved and civilized faster and they took advantage of it. Unfortunately this had negative consequences for other white people, Black people, asians and natives. However, White people have managed to overcome all the hardships we have faced. Its time for Blacks and natives to step up, quit playing the blame game and get their shit together. Nothing is handed out for free. You need to work for it.

  7. You sound intelligent, but you can't comprehend what it's like being a "nigger". I live in Raleigh NC, and I used to go to the high school where Obama adressed the nation last night. You wouldn't belive how many people were outside picketing that place. People were out there like it was some kind of "white-man" family reunion--untill the black supporters showed up. It went from "gang-banger this"..and "lazy niggers" hey how you guys doin'-- in about 20 minutes.

    You are entirely accurate on may of the points you listed, we as a race of people have to start taking pride in ourselves. Try understanding that it's hard to feel important, being black. The eyes are the window to the soul, and every white person I see older than say 60, looks at me like garbage on the street--without even knowing me as a person.

    Black people, as a community, aren't mad a white PEOPLE, they're simply upset with the established order. The single biggest obstacle for us to overcome is DRUGS. And the people in charge--police/government, allow our neighborhoods to be flooded with drugs to the detriment of our race. I could agrue that point all day, but if you haven't seen it with your own eyes, so you probably wouldn't believe me.
  8. Prison, yeah you're black. Come kill me at my house brah
  9. Single biggest problem is drugs? What about higher crime rates, higher Aids rates, lower income, less education, lower life expectancy, higher teen pregnancy rates, and that stupid belief that people owe you something (common among liberals of all races).

    Blame it on drugs and the "established order" all you want, but it's just as easy for me to get drugs as it is for you. Biggest difference is I don't go looking for often.

    You're not really black anyway. The only black people that hang out on car forums act white. You're acting too black to really be black and on a car forum.

    Oh, and Obama is an idiot.
  10. You're the idiot. Almost 53% of criminal convictions amongst black males are drug-related. Higher AIDS rates are caused by the number of drug abusers. Lower life expectancy is directly related to poor/minimal care offered to those without insurance. Teen pregnacy rates are higher in poor communities, as are the number of high-school drop-outs.

    That fact that I'm smarter than you is intimidating, therfore you reason I can't be black. Further proof of your ignorance. I'm on a car forum b/c I like cars. Just like you. I've got a 98 T/A W6 that runs 10.7@128mph, and a 3000GT that runs 13 flat. Part of what motivates me, is the joy of embarassing red-necks at the track. Any car can be a "sleeper", but they don't see ME coming.
  11. I swear if we were lock-down right now, you'd be my dirty white-boy. I'd just throw the towel over your head, and tell you to get to work!
  12. Nigga please I'm Spanish, we run shit in prison as much as you. Watch your back in the yard I put a hit on you
  13. Wow..who knew the Camaro would affect everyone like this?
  14. You've obviously never be locked-down. P/R, Dominicans, Mexicans don't run s**t. They dress up like #%!@es and all stick together, because they're scared. Even white boys find themselves after a while. You guys need someone to hold your dick the entire time.
  15. Funny you are calling me ignorant when you totally took my post out of context. What you should have taken from my post is that you are acting too much like a stereotypical black to be black. If you are black, and fit the stereotype, then good for you on keeping your race from furthering itself. I thought you were a white guy messing with us.

    I've met plenty of blacks on car websites and at the track, and none of them acted like a typical black guy. Thanks for being the first!
  16. Yeah you're right. I'm smart enough to not get caught, unlike your dumb ass
  17. ralphy is the black ron simmons awesome
  18. Let's see:

    Lives in the south - CHECK
    Likes guns - CHECK
    Retarded posts - CHECK
    Hates GTR - CHECK
    Is racist - CHECK
    Likes American Muscle - CHECK
  19. LOL who is this retard? Seriously, "OH GUYS IVE BEEN TO PRISON, IM TOUGH"

    No, it shows you're a #$%#in reject. Shoulda hung you while you was in there.
  20. hi ralphe
  21. But I'm out now. I've got a T/A, an Impala SS, a 3000GT VR4 that will destroy anything you have. The wings/spoilers actually came from the factory--so they aren't covered with stripes. None of them are orange, purple or green, nor are they adorned with stickers. All have aftermarket exhaust (no fiesta/parade-music), and all of them are on factory chrome rims (no spinning hub-caps). Guess that means I'm stupid---by the standards of your people.

    ***My wife has a Durango. It can seat 34 Mexicans; 47 with the seats folded.
  22. Your wife can entertain 47 mexicans
  23. Don't hate me because I can't repect an 90K Datsun.
  24. Your wife IS a 47 year-old Mexican. And she's fat.
  25. How you buy them, selling yay in the hood? your felon ass cant get a real job anyways.

    lol she can entertain 47 mexicans

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