It could go faster, here's how.

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  1. Its obvious that this car could go faster, i'm sure some owners will try and modify their 16/4's. With 1000hp already even a small is gain measured in hundreds of horsepower.
    but hey as always you can garuntee that the power figures are conservative.
    u could reprogram the ECU to make maximum torque it can rather than that restricted flat torque character. It wouldn't be so good to drive but it would realise another 10% power or more.
    Those turbos probably run 10psi and I bet thats only 80% of the design maximum, this is also would corrospond to the kind of margin of strength the bottom end of the engine would have (although good modern materials can be pushed past 100% increase in loading for short periods of time).
    So perhaps 1200-1300hp is the real limit of this engine, any more than that you'd need to upgrade parts or expect a very short lifespan of both the car and perhaps yourself <IMG SRC="">

    thoughts anyone?
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    I think with a constant 1300hp you know with out a bottle or $hit, You could gear the transmission in a way that the seventh gear is smaller so the driveshaft spins faster thus bringing the top speed up higher than it already is.(But isnt 252 enough?)
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    You people really know your mechanics! But why would anybody want to pass 252mph???
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    because it's fun.
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    where would u do it? not many places in US

    well i guess if u spent this much on a car...u can put it in germany and race on autobagn

    good luck trying to get up to 252mph :p kinda only pro drivers can do that
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    I would shit myself if i was going bloody 252mph and its fun i dont think so when u can only see flashes of cars going past i have been at a speed of 250kph and i was freaked out enough!!

    So i dont think anyone of you would like to be doing some speed like that even if some pro driver was driving i wouldn't mind but one of us good but not pro drivers doing that.....

    !!Hell no!! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    252? We could race that light aircraft flying above us?
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    i wudnt wanna go 252 unless on somewhere like bonneville, 1 tiny bump and your faked. would be kinda fun tho...
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    i got three words for you get a life.
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    I seriously don't think you could get 1300hp out of this car without doing more than replacing the ecu and upping the turboes 20% in boost (probably not safe anyway). I bet that bugatti will say something in the owners manual about not trying to mod this car because it's already insane.
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    Now 252 mph is a lot.
    With 250 kmh on the tacho the views change pretty rapidly already. It is not even comfortable to ride in a such speed.... and the lanes are not very wide at that speed either... Didn't drive myself but sat next to. Have to admit it was really awesome for a moment, but then it turned scary after a moment.
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    u cant gear a car to go faster than it does already

    cars are limited by drag, not by gears (unless uve got a dumbass Z06 geared 2 only do 171mph (R&T road test))

    u can only gear a car DOWN, not up

    if u wanna go faster than 252mph, u need more power, not different gears - 100hp more = 8mph more
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    The real problem is not to get it to go really fast. I pretty sure that this car with another ratio and a chip could go 260-270. But who cares? There is no production tires made for 250+ anyway. The ones on the Veyron are already specially designed. No road could handle this speed either... Dammit, ain't 250 fast enough for you?
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    250 is fast but 255 is faster and so on , if i'm gonna hit 250 , then i would like to experince 255 , u no wut i mean?
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    ok, i'll agree that once you hit 250 (assuming you don't simultaneously excrete from all orifices out of fear) that 255 is the next logical step. furthermore it is plausable to make this machine go faster. but this isn't some mass-produced, mid-life crises, or go-to-the-street-races-and-see-what-you-can-do, kind of car. anytime you are within spitting distance of $1mil, it becomes a really fast sculpture. not that i wouldn't drive it but modify? just to go faster than 250?! why would you do that?
    on the other hand, this is a hypothetical conversation, may be i'm taking too seriously.
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    one more thing-
    you said-" i'm sure some owners will try and modify their 16/4's. "-

    just how many owners do you think there are? or will ever be?
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    Increased boost.
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    well, i'd like to go fast just to knock thats crappy vette off the top spot, and shizzle...when will you give up on these forums?
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    i bet u've never drive a car faster than 190 mph, at that speed the highway looks sooo small and dont forget about getting a nice perfectly flat highway which is not very common to find this days, so why dont u forget to pass 252mph? arent 1001 hp enough 4 ya?
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    Yah...while going 250..the road would look very strange compared to let's say 75. I haven't gone 250 in a car and most likely never will. Just going 150 compared to 75 would seem sort of imagine what 250 would feel like. Going 250 miles an hour would be an awesome adrenaline rush.
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    it could also get you killed really friggin fast, and in response to whoever said that there won't be many buyers, they've actually already sold over eighty of these, and more are on the way....
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    You could however gear it to reach its topspeed in a shorter interval of time.

    As for the corvette, the reason it is so overgeared is because it is supposed to be affordable. By giving it a crazy ratio in the higher gears it significantly drops the revs thus giving it better fuel economy. Most vette owners (myself included) would probably want better fuel ecconomy than a few mph more in the top end. Most people don't ever find the top end of their cavaliers and civivs, let alone a vette.
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    It is entirely possible that the Veyron could be geared to go faster (though I can't say for sure 'cause I don't know the drag coefficient or frontal area). Not ALL cars are limited by drag (although most are either limited by drag or an electronic speed limiter). One major example I can think of is the (Ameritech) McLaren F1 that was tested in a supercar shootout by one of the U.S. magazines (I don't remember which, but Mario Andretti was the test driver). The European version of the McLaren F1 was said to hit more than 230 mph, but in this particular test, it "only" hit 217 mph and was bouncing off the rev limiter in top gear. Sounds like that is gearing limited rather than drag limited to me. Other examples are modified old VWs. They were geared pretty low, so when the horspower was increased substantially, one would find oneself running right up to redline in top gear when the engine obviously made enough power to push another gear. A real world example for you is the Kafer Cup in Germany. Those modified old Beetles hit speeds around 145 mph using a 5-speed conversion. I guy I met at a VW show had a 300+ hp '75 Super Beetle (occasionally street-driven) and a beefed-up 4-speed with the same final drive and top gear ratios as the original 4-speed and was only able to hit 110 mph. In fact, he was redlined before the end of the 1/4-mile. I'd be willing to bet that if he had one more gear, he could have gone quite a bit faster.
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    Why would you want to go any faster than this???
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    Good question. 252 mph is really fast, even on a racetrack. I would be more than content if I had a supercar that went 200 mph. You wouldn't catch me going that fast unless I was on a racetrack anyway. Could you imagine hitting a deer at 200 mph?? Yikes!

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