It dont look very good but it

Discussion in '1999 Leblanc Caroline' started by FuckdaPolice, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. this car is Disguised formula 1
    i LIKE IT!<!-- Signature -->
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    this is not a car ..this is a space shuttle on weels and an ugly one!!!!!
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    lol this so called "space shuttle on wheels" has everyhting stock at 512bhp and if it were upgraded with everything new turbos, intake, exhaust, etc. It would spank the hell out of any viper, mclaren, lamborghini, ferrari or any euro foolish enough to go up against it for that matter. If will spank virtually anycar on this face of this earth seeing as it has a 4 cylinder if it were all upgraded would have a faster 0-60 time, better handling, faster takeoff, and higher top speed then the mclaren f1. You think its ugly. Well quite frankly you are a moron this car looks better then any viper, lamborghini, ferrari, euro, porsche lotus etc. in the world.
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    Yes I do agree. This is an awesome car. I wouldn't mind copping one for myself. (Yea like I can afford it.)<!-- Signature -->
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    all i have to say is this car whips yalls cars ass!!!
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    Why bother upgrading it, in doing so you might end up slowing it down. The compan has made this car to as good as they can. the design all of it exterior weigth enine etc. it's done to make it light give it downforce, air resistance, so it can take off quick. Stop quick. handle well, yada yada yada. The only thing you probably could do is give it more of an air intake to cool the engine faster/greater and get a bit more power extra. but even then. I wouldn't mess with it, it would already beat almost every car in a straight line.

    Handling/cornering there would be better, but it would still not be bad at it.

    And in my opinion, it looks damn fine.
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    My big problem with it is I don't like the retro "futuristic" bubble look. And he's probably right, the engine is probably putting out every last bit it could. Adding to it could ruin it or just make it slower.
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    Actually you are wrong once again. when a person company or whatever realeases a concept or prototype they have it tuned to show what it can do stock as was the reason with almost every other concept like the diablo, supra, wrx, and so on. As for the engine not being able to handle more dont count on it it can handle upwards of 1500bhp+ this engine is the same design that toyota was well known for in its supras before it switched to the I6 which is the best damn engine you can get.

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