it lookslike an intrepid!

Discussion in '1999 Dodge Charger R/T Concept' started by bmXride2002, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. that car looks like and intrepid and they should make all chargers look like the on in the fast and the furious than they would look nice!
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    How old are you, kid? The Charger in the "Fast and the Furious" is probably the muscle-car that Dodge built so many years ago. But I've never seen the movie. So you're saying that your only contact with the Charger was in some dumb new movie? Gee whiz, why do people who don't know a thing about cars post on here anyways. <!-- Signature -->
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    Looks to me like Dodge copied the look of the Camaro again. Looks an awful lot like the late 80's to early 90's version. Look at the front end and the body lines, the butt looks like the last generation Camaro. What a bunch of rip off artists. Looks just as ugly too.

    By the way what the hell does R/T mean???
    And why does Dodge put it on everything they consider a performance oriented version of something?
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    All this piece looks like is a Avenger rear end, Viper-like cab, and Stratus front end.

    And R/T stands for Road and Track
    and why does Chevy put Super Sport on everything it thinks is sporty?? Including that boat with wheels, Impala
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    I've only seen "The Fast and the Furious" once. But I thought that car was a Challanger not a Charger. Correct me if im wrong.
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    how on earth can someone confuse a charger with a challenger. ive seen it done several times. not just on this site but people that i know. sure theyre both mopar but they dont look anything alike. come on people. and this thing does look like an intrepid. i am very disappointed in both pontiac and dodge. the new gto looks like a grand prix. whats the deal. why dont they do what ford did with the t bird. im not a big ford fan but they had a good idea and pontiac and dodge should follow suit or at least make the thing look sporty. this is a disgrace. the chrger should look intimidating. this is not intimidating.
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    Road and Track ?!?!? That's the lamest thing I've ever heard, right or wrong.

    I agree, Chevy does over use their 'SS' naming too much.
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    what are you thinking saying that it looks like an intrepid?
    the rear end looks more like corvette, while the front fenders and sides resemble a viper. the nose of the vehicle is really the only part of it that MIGHT look like an intrepid.
    I'm not going to sit here and call you a twelve year old, as that seems to be what everybody calls somebody who says something dumb, but you should really think about something before you post it.
    What were you THINKING!?! (or WERE you...?)
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    you dont know what your talking about
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    this looks nothing like an intrepid. why dont you go look at one in real life and maybe youll see... yes it does resemble a viper, tho.

    and its really easy to confuse a charger and a challenger unless you know a lot about muscle cars, just like it might be easy for someone who doesnt know about imports might confuse a civic and an accord.
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    You know I agree with bmxride. I liked the one in "The fast and the Furious" then the new one. I think all Dodge Chargers should be like that one and don't tell me I know nothing about cars just because I am a girl. I know more about cars than my brother who is 7 years older than me.
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    Up close it looks totally different
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    Motor Trend is stating that the boys down at Dodge could rename the Intrepid the question is, as previously stated, will they keep 4 doors on it or take the rear doors out, and make it a two door car like it should be?
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    i kind of agree with the kid if dodge plans to make the charger altleast try to stay with the looks of the original charger because it looks way more badass then this model!!!
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    That is getting annoying. The only cars worthy of being called SS are Camaros, Chevelles, Novas, and maybe create a new Corvette called the Corvette SS. But man, Impala SS, a Trailblazer SS concept, a Tahoe SS concept, and a MONTE CARLO SS? That's too many Super Sports.
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    speaking as a former owner of a 1970 Charger 440 R/T I can only say that this concept does not do the original justice..(speaking of all models from 1966 to 1972)

    and as been previously stated by someone on this forum, if your only contact with the Charger was in a movie then that was not a fulfilling experience, my fellow car nut..musclecars such as the Charger ('66 to '72) need to be driven, raced, worked on and such to be appreciated, and not watched in a movie where we can do nothin but sit there helplessly as someone else drives it...btw, I am hoping to get a racecar together with a friend in the near future and I am hoping it is another Mopar to tear down the strip I hope to have more contact with a Mopar or another musclecar soon!! (and no not by just watching a movie)
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    Um No. One the fast and furous was a movie and if you didnt see the blower was fake. The cars were slow and the acting crap. Other that that i think that the new charger will Rock.
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    I dont know.... at least dodge is thinking. They need to get back into the muscle area though. I mean they were a strong force back in the late 60's and 70's. If they get thier act together, they could wreck some havok on Chevy and Ford.

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