Italian styling + amerikan powerplants...

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by PandaBeat, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. like big V8 engien with 215HP and 4mpg.
  2. no passion without something sitting 6" behind your head that could catch fire at any moment
  3. until an italian car breaks down on you more likely
  4. Italian cars should never see an American engine no matter what
  5. italian styling with a none-shit american engine for when you actually want to drive your car not rev it in a parking lot three times before it blows up in a typical italian fashion
  8. in a perfect world, USA would handle engine internals, germany engine externals, japan ecu, devices, and diff, and italy the inside and outside.

    Like a 8C with a VVT RB32.
  9. lol @ old opinion, now I kind of feel that as long as the car is designed to have an American engine it works, and in Ghia's case I think it works better then it would with an Italian engine. The only objection I have to it is engine Swaps, taking an Italian engine out of an Italian car = blasphemy
  10. I dunno, I'd miss that Italian wail after a while.
  11. that would be awsome
  12. SHADDUP !
  13. Less talking and more pix morans
  14. Koenigsegg anyone???? lol
  15. Pandabeat is a f@g.
  18. The creator of the Lambo V12 and one of the creators of the Ferrari 250 GTO disagrees with you, which means you are an idiot.
  19. haha
  20. Ignorance is a bliss

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