Italian styling + amerikan powerplants...

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by PandaBeat, Apr 27, 2006.

  1. The GT40 was crap.
  2. and the Shelby Cobra.
  3. i thought the griffith had a rover V8? although the rover V8 is based on a V8 by buick i think. also the bristol fighter is an awesome car
  4. ├╝ber carp.
  5. STFU, that engine isn't american.
  6. A TVR Griffith?

    British car, British engine.
  7. Buick Engine.
  8. Rover bought the rights to the engine from Buick.
  9. italian engines are fine, well not those pissy front-wheel drive v6's, a rear-wheel drive mid-mounted v6 would be fine. like the alfa romeo diva. thats a nice car. alfa gt, nice car, althought the engine is in the wrong space.
  10. I would love to see a modern car with Italian styling and a massively-torquey American motor. The closest that comes to that in concept is the Zonda, though the motor is German and not American.
  11. I like it. American engines are solid, and powerful (the right ones are).
  12. I love both. I haven't decided how I'm going to vote yet.
  13. Uhh, the poll has another option.
  14. Whaa??
  15. He posted a pic of an Italian car with an Italian engine. Obviously he was voting for that option, rather than Italian cars with American engines.
  16. You don't know, obviously, he's making fun of Alfa for using a GM engine block...
  17. On the whole, I think Italian cars should have Italian engines.
  18. truth
  19. Works well - Iso, deTomaso (Facel Vega, sneaking in a French-American one), etc.
  20. THAT particular one is so hot

    Rather a Rivolta Lele though, what a badass cruiser =)
  21. You're right. I didn't know it was a GM block.
  22. Italin engines don't have any torque. Get an L88 in there.
  24. Either way it works out great!
  25. Americans suck at making engines! I can't believe some people voted it be a good idea! Why would someone want a heavy 7.0 l, supercharged, 250 bhp V8 in their beautiful, sophisticated Italian car...or any European car?!
    I agree, the Pantera was great, but the one thing that kept it from truely being great was the American engine!

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