It's 74 degrees in the middle of January

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  1. not to mention where it's "warm" the weather's hardly "nice" all year round. summer is pretty #$%#ing terrible anywhere on the east coast from the Chesapeake right on down to Florida. Texas and shit, too.

    i'll take my nice, diverse mid-atlantic seasons.
  2. california coast bicth
  3. Summer is pretty terrible everywhere on the east coast south of Maine.
  4. o hey tim sup, I just drove that hot rod thing here. all I have to say is LOLOLOLOLO
  5. luckily for a good stretch the mountains are pretty damn close. always nice there in the summer.
  6. 7 day forecast:

    Tuesday - 30C and fine
    Wednesday - 32C and fine
    Thursday - 35C with afternoon thunderstorms
    Friday - 28C shower or two
    Saturday - 25C shower or two
    Sunday - 27C and fine
    Monday - 30C and fine
  7. i dunno, told me it was raining wogs and bogans...
  8. That's a roller coaster of change compared to here.

    Tuesday - 18C and sunny
    Wednesday - 18C and sunny
    Thursday - 19C and partly cloudy
    Friday - 18C and partly cloudy
    Saturday - 17C and partly cloudy
    Sunday - 17C and partly cloudy
    Monday - 14C and partly cloudy
    Tuesday - 14C and partly cloudy
  9. lol thats crazy steady. We sometimes have weeks like that, but its pretty rare. The weather here changes in an instant. Last week we had 2 days in a row of 40-42C, and then the next 2 days were 22C and 20C...
  10. It's quite common in Sydney to have a really hot day and then a thunderstorm at night which drops the temp.
  11. We get all 4 seasons. Thats the thing that makes it awesome. Its getting all 4 but 3 of them are nicer than your versions.

    Basically we get your nice summer for our spring and fall, a beautiful winter with just enough real cold days to give you the feeling, and a summer thats far better than your winter is bad. And its always sunny. And you guys dont get the awesome lightning and rain storms like we do.

    Ive heard that "id miss the 4 seasons thing" a million times before, but all of the people I know from up north that moved down here (several dozen, my parents included) basically say "dont those people up there know they can leave?" Theres a reason the population in the south is booms like crazy.
  12. populations booms in the south because of all the mexicans lol
  13. East coast sucks.
  14. humidity ftl
  15. thing is, down here by the Gulf, when that humid air gets chilled by North winds, it gets #$%#ing COLD. Ive actually heard some people from up around Chicago area come down here and say "holy shit it is freezing here". Because the cold isnt a dry cold, it chills you to your bones and soaks you. When it actually snowed here, it was morel ike the northern type of dry cold, so it wasnt unpleasant to be outside in. Normally it is very uncomfortable.

  16. but that's the only halfway shit thing about Canada
  17. basically you're all a bunch of flappy ****s, california rules.
  18. Its pretty warm here too, it sucks.
  20. Everything else is full blown shit.
  22. Funny thing is it was only in the upper 40's three weeks ago.
  25. that made it REAAAAAAAAAALLLLLLLY fun to ride up to campus today, holy #$%# I've never hated being on a bike more.

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