It's about time

Discussion in '2002 Dodge Viper GTS Final Edition' started by Detroit Muscle427, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. Finally, Dodge is discontinuing the generation 1 viper. the design has not changed since the production RT/10 hit the road in 92. Dodge needs to rethink their entire viper platform including the 2003 models. And yes, frosty_bollocks is right, a cerbera 4.5 would kick this car's ass.
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    I will have to agree on that. Many people like the current Viper, but I like the 2003 Viper.<!-- Signature -->
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    the 2003 viper gts super coupe (i think its called) is damn nice, but not there srt/10 thats just ugly it makes it look like that charger.<!-- Signature -->
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    the SRT/10 is kind of ugly

    still kind of cool looking tho and i would love to see one of those fly by me <IMG SRC="">
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    you are an odd person. ever automaker keeps a car for about 10 years without making huge difference to them. <!-- Signature -->
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    Obviously Dodge doesn't have the same opinion that you do. The Viper is the Marque for the Dodge Brand, it would be suicide to "slow down" the Viper. Dodge doesn't need to develop any other sports cars, they make their money elsewhere. By the way the 4.5 Cerbera is about on par with a Viper for performance but it costs more. And when was the last time you saw a TVR at Le Mans?
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    I should've said: When was the last time you saw a TVR win Le Mans? Or Sebring or Daytona or the American Le Mans series? Hmmm....makes ya think huh?

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