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  1. Well I beleive I speak for all ford guys when I say...." thank god I a stang with balls is finally here!" now im a chevy guy myself but hey nice going ford! now the ford guys are saying look look we can beat the F body(s) for once. Well i guess for about 12 years now we have been beaing the stang its time to relax a little. hey we still got the Zo6.
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    Don't think so.
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    Yea it is ford did not have a production mustang for a long while that would beat the z28 or the SS. but hey im gonna swallow my pride and give a hats off to ford. I like the new cobra and if i had 35 large i would get one.
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    i believe the cobra of the same year was usually always able to beat the z28 and i don't think gm has been beating ford in muscle for 12 years.
    but anyway, in few years i am sure we will have other competitions coming up between ford and chev.hehe always fun.
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    That's great that the Cobra beat the Z28, but the Cobra's never beat the SS until now. Z28 goes against the GT, and has whipped it's ass forever! <A BORDER="0" HREF=""><IMG BORDER="0" SRC=""></A>
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    i am know that, but he was saying it as for z28 and ss were always faster, than any fords and just clarifing that.
    you guys won't believe what i saw for sale today. a replica of a 1960s GT40. that thing is the tinest car there is. its crazy low to the ground. what a car. damn just about crashed driving.
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    What beat 96-97 cobras? What beat 2001 and 2003 Cobras? What beat lx 5.0s? Don't think there was a clear winner besides z28 vs. GT the last 6 years. Good try though.
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    Ok good question.... um the 96-97 SS' beat the 96-97 Cobras and the 1998-2002 SS beat the cobras. until now. and the 350 irocs walked all over the 5.0's but nice try though.
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    Hoseman you know damn well that Camaros have beaten Mustangs until now in all categories. Even your Mustang Mags will admit that. But that's until now. Your 03' Cobra is a great model. Now as far as the LX 5.0's go, the RS Camaro's had V8's in them too. But to be honest with you I didn't care as to see which one was faster. Actually the LX was faster than the GT's werent they cuz of all the less weight?
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    Hoseman has a good point. The LT1 Camaros weren't exactly rockets, and I wouldn't be surprised if the Cobras were faster. But the LT1 was definately quicker than the GT Mustangs of that time.

    Here is the plain TRUTH. Ford and Chevy, Mustang vs Camaro is classic rivalry that has gone back and forth for years. Mustangs will never be the same without Camaros to compete with them. Both cars have fantastic year/models and both cars have many victories (depending on the era).

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    Well said Sean
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    LT1 SS were faster than Cobras. In fact the 98 and 99 models both ran 13.8's at 102mph, for the SVT, I think the SVT Contour was not too far behind in those numbers. I remember reading an article in MotorTrend and Road and Track testing the Cobra at that year and that made me hate mustangs so much when a four door sedan with the badge SVT wasn't that much slower. But the newer ones did kick ass. I heard the reason why the 99's sucked was cuz for some reason a lot of them weren't producing the 320hp Ford claimed and they had to do some type of recall so the engineers could figure out the problem. Anyone know more about this?
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    The 98 and 99 model Camaros were not LT1 engines. They had the LS1.
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    The intake, and exhaust where the problem areas. The exhaust they wanted to use had to be bent to fit when put on the mustang, which hampered its flow badly. The intake, while I'm not 100% sure, probably ahd something like that, didn't flow the way it did after it was produced for the mustang. After the recall, the people who took them back had 320hp.
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    Oops your right, what the **** was I thinking! I can't believe I said that shit, and I'm a damn owner of one! Ooops my mistake! Okay howabout this? 94-or 95 WS6 vs. Cobra?
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    Ummm...sorry guy, I don't know about this "walking all over business". Only ones I see around are slower than sh**
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    Forever? No. My friend has a stock 69' SS and I've raced him in my sttock 69 Mach and I've beaten him in a straight line, but I suppose that was 33 years ago... Oh well. I still like both cars.
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    Mustangs have also been Cheaper, don't forget that. Here in Canada you get (last time I checked it out at the Dealer - Yes Chevy Dealer) a 2001 Camaro SS for $53 175 Here the New 2003 SVT Cobra costs $47 835 (For Coupe). Now the 2003 CObra can beat the 2001 SS (which really means nothing I know) but the truth is Mustangs are Cheaper. (2001 Stangs go for mid $20 000 - $30 000 about the same as a Bullit GT or Mach 1)

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