Its crap

Discussion in '2001 Honda NSX-R Concept' started by ConnaGT1, Aug 9, 2002.

  1. its an old design which i looks pants<!-- Signature -->
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    i disagree it is a better looking nsx then past years because they all looked alike and there were no diffreneces
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    no it isnt you #$%#in' stupid batard. it is better than most cars out there so shut the #$%# up.
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    Hmm....its 0-60mph time is 4.4 seconds. 1/4mile in 12's. It has the best steering feedback of all japanese cars. Its handling is awesome. Its brakes are powerful. It has negative lift....and teh list goes sucks?? I dun't think so....
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    The stupid remark, that the nsx is crap, just gets me boiled. You people are all the same, just go into every forum and say that this car is crap. just shut up already.
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    looks pants?
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    Who's looks pants?
    Do you mean you looking at your wet pants?
    Or do you mean you looks like pants?
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    Man your not cool!

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