It's my Birthday.

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by RLQ, May 9, 2012.

  1. Thanks guyz.
  2. Have a quok
  3. some decent quoks in this thread
  4. Its also Simmo's birthday too.
  5. QUOK
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  7. hey i dont either but they need to do some things ok.

  8. and free money for everyone!!! yayy!
  9. well not for you because you're rich, but people who genuinely need it, sure.
  10. and paul of all people a recovering addict says he wants everything to be done by private industry.

    i guess that wouldn't create any problems eh. it costs like minimum $20K to do a stint in some ghetto ass private care rehab place, not even including the detox or halfway house you live in afterwards.

    most addicts I know were poor people to begin with, so i'm kind of glad they were able to get into volunteer/gov't assisted places to get help or they'd probably still be robbing and / or cribbing change from fellow pupils.
  11. if you love the government so much why dont you just marry it
  12. if i was american that would be illegal supraman and you'd get sent to gaol, dont disrespect the institutiuon of marriage. its just wrong.
  13. next think you know, governments would be marrying churches and that would REALLY be a no-no.
  14. the govt should take money off supradad types and give it to poor people who need it to live
  15. "man why do my TAXES go to poors?"

    -some rich kid who had his tuitions at ``modern art and social media studies`` paid for, a new BMW (or perhaps a saab or nissan 350z) bought for him, had his drug eating habits taken care of in a rehab institution which is paid for, etc..


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