It's not always easy to keep a secret

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by dani san, Jan 27, 2011.

  1. You have to be some sort of dumb-ass if you think that is for real. That's just the topspeed rendering poorly edited. For #$%#sake, man.

  2. Have you not heard?
  3. I hope it looks like that.
  5. It was my understanding that everyone had heard...
  6. Rick Ross LOL.
  7. Photoshop by Jonsibal, not the real thing.
  8. yawn. looks like shit
  9. great, a several hundred thousand dollar car designed for 13 year olds
  10. that's what lamborghinis have always been

    you are just growing up christofurrr
  11. if youre old, go drive a bentley.
  12. nah they were actually pretty cool cars before the murci. that car sucks
  13. 2012 Reventon?
  14. My favorite is 01 diablo........but in person the murci is an impressive car, why do you think it sucks? have you driven one?
  16. i think it's actually cos you were at an impressionable age when the diablo was in production, so you thought and still think that it is a great car. If you were in your late 20's or so in the 1990s when the diablo came out i bet you would have thought it was a car for immature people as well
  17. im not really a fan of the murcie either. it's too fat.
  18. He still hasn't posted his pictures of his sister
  19. Lambo yawn!
  20. loool
  21. Judging on recent spyshots (jan. 28th) it does kinda look like a downgraded Reventon. I think the design is on the safe side, basically a murcielago with reventon pieces attached to it, I would rather see a radically different design with high-tech features.
  22. I don't know what you're on about with that last bit because the engine in this will be very high tech, but I agree about the design.
  23. Specs wise, this seems like it could give the new Pagani a run for it's money, if it's much lighter than the Murcielago, with a 700hp NA V12, carbon fiber chassis, and this independent shifting rod 7 speed. Styling wise it seems like it will just be a mild evolution of the current Murcielgo/Gallardo/Reventon styling though.

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