I've arranged to meet my ex for a drink on Monday

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  1. lol and they put you in charge of teaching a lab?
  2. like the earth being round

    nailed it
  3. exactly.
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  7. Oh is that what lisa simpson said in an episode of that cartoon the simpsons? Oh yeah it must be correct.

    It's also not true. Things are always more complex than what they first appear
  8. high school actually, that would be the level below the one you apparently 'teach'
  9. lol are we questioning what people say they do now
  10. i was being facetious
  11. you were being an arsehole, as usual. Quick, I think table 14 needs more water
  12. lol look i hurt his bum

    sure hope youre teaching them all about the complexities
  13. this is like watching 2 girls fighting it out on facebook.

    so painfully akward to watch
  14. He started it!
  15. you got a bunch of sand in your vag over a silly topic, why corks' threads are popular, because it brought up some principle you happen to disagree with, the context within which i have no idea because i have no idea what you teach

    and you took this as a personal attack? lol
  16. well it was a personal attack because you brought my job up, which has nothing to do with what i was talking about
  17. Hey it's midday Thursday...

    Shouldn't you be drinking?
  18. Confrontational.
  19. He really is
  20. So a fat sexually confused asian kid, a drug addict, a hipster australian, and a ginger with man-boobs sporting velcro shoes walk into a bar....
  21. Whos the fat asian
  22. CB
  23. Cb is a maori
  24. Asia... Polynesia... whatever

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