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    Who cares that you've all seen Z8s? Who the hell hasn't? I highly, highly doubt that only 400 of these are imported every year. These are very common. Anyone with money has one. I see about one or two of these every week; I'm almost sick of them. Oh, and anyone who thinks that I'm bullsh***ing them can tell that to the pictures of me sitting in one when I post them next week. My dentist has one, my friend's neighbor has one, in fact it seems as if I'm the only person that doesn't have one (I am working on that one however). Infact, you guys would be shocked at how many people all around you own Ferraris and Lamborghinis even though you never see them. People who buy Z8s actually like driving. Owners of Italian garage-magnets only care about their image and selling their cars for big bucks. If you don't believe me, consider this: I live in a small, piss-ant town in rural Maine that's too freakin' poor to even have a police department, but the guy who owns the sky-diving area down the road from me has a red Lamborghini Diablo 5.7 VT, although I have yet to see it out on the road (figures).
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    Hey guess what, I know someone who has never seen one...ME! Your "small town" in Maine must not be too "freakin' poor" or the person down the street wouldn't own a Lamborghini. You want to see a poor town, come on down to my small town in Kentucky. I can practically name you every nice car in my town. Literally. I can guarantee you that no one that even lives remotely close to me owns a Ferrari or a Lamborghini or Lotus or Bentley or Rolls Royce or Bugatti...

    I mean, one person in the city nearest to mine recently bought a Hummer H2 and it's literally the talk of the town. So...grr people make me mad sometimes when they see Ferraris and Lambos everyday, when you all don't even know how much I would absolutely love to even see just 1 Ferrari in my life.
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    i live in bellingham washington (90 miles north of seattle) and ive seen 2 BMW Z8's. I know the owners of, their son died in a pipeline explosion and they sued the company, with the money they got one of the things they bought was a Silver Z8. The other one i saw driving on a road famous around here for being a great ride. The point is if u live in a city with over 100,000 people (bellingham has around 75k) and there are weathly people in that city you are bound to have fancy cars and i dont see my people are dismissin this point! Maybe those who havent seen a valuable cars need to open there eyes and stop talkn on their cell phone.
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    The population of my entire COUNTY is *maybe* 20,000. And I don't even have a cell phone. :p
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    theres a silver one thats driven by my house a few times.
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    I saw an Enzo last Monday (9/8/03) driving down Plano Parkway.
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    I finally saw one yesterday on the way to work. Besides the wide tires, I don't think they look that great. But that's just my opinion.
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    i live just under 5 miles away from one and i see it every morning when i go to college. its a silver one,a local DJ owns it.quite nice but it doesnt snap my neck when i look at it, unlike a skyline r34 which roams the local roads! Stoke, England
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    on a recent trip to munich, i saw THE bmw z8 that was driven by 007 at the bmw museum... it was fantastic! i'll try and find some pics, right now they're buried somewhere in my hard drive...

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