Jaguar XF

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  1. Saw the XF on the road a few times and I am underwhelmed. I don't know how to describe it, but it reminds me of a mix of american and japanese cars(buick or something like that). It's doesn't jump out. I guess the proportions of the car is too generic and blend, too conventional. I wish it's more provocative or distinctive, something more Jaguar. I haven't been able to walk up to one and see it up close, so I can't comment on the details yet. What do you think?
  2. It's a big Hyundai.
  3. Says the guy who's never seen an XF... or a Hyundai... or a non-animal-labour-based form of transport... in person.

    My opinion, it's like the new Mondeo, or the Fiat 500, or a Quattroporte: looks great for what it is, but it's not exactly going to bowl you over like a sportscar can, and it'll probably blend into the crowd after you've seen enough of them. Like I've said before, the only mid-exec saloon I think is more attractive, or even approaching it in the looks department, is the new Merc C-class.

    My favourite bits of detailing are the high-quality mesh on the nose (which looks so much classier and better-made than the XKR's), and the dark surround around the headlight cluster which makes them much more striking than you can sense in the pictures.
    On the other hand, I do think they could have done MUCH better. A strong shoulderline, better standard wheels (some of the sets I've seen have been pretty decent; I've come across eight or nine XFs at this point), and some distinctive detailing on the sides and rear (fe. concealed doorhandles, more of a bulbous rear, all-thin rear lights, maybe even some gigantic exhaust pipes) could have made it a classic design. Or they could have just, you know, produced the concept.
  4. Seriously.
  5. I like the interior...
  6. One of the best interiors on any car for sale today.
  7. QFT
  9. I ran into one unexpectedly a few weeks ago at a gas station and was all excited to see it for the first time, but I guess it just looks better in pictures. The front IMO is stunning and was in person too but the side profile and especially rear view were nothing special. Such a striking nose deserves a more inspired overall design.
  10. Its shit.

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