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  1. Cheesecake is of the gods.
  2. Every time I JUST get to thinking that some educated atheists and journalists might be starting to understand evidence and reasoning, and their viewpoint may be as valid to them as mine is to me...

    Someone 'breaks' the "Christianitee is folse!" story on a HOLLYWOOD DIRECTOR'S SAY-SO

    ...and other assorted dumb�uckery.

  3. Oh, yeah. The best kind is New York Cheesecake, the kind so dense that if you were to strike someone on the head with one, they would get a concussion.

    Something else that's like a cheesecake that is also good is Ras Malai, a paneer cheese concoction from India. It's paneer cheese seasoned with cardomon served in a steamed milk sauce with pistachioes.
  4. If you respect me at all, you will help me derail the #$%# out of this thread. I DO NOT want to deal with the level of douchebaggery that this thread will produce, and I will do everything in my power to derail it.

    So. What kind of pie do you like?
  5. If you don't want to deal with the douchebaggery in this thread then why don't you just stay out of it?
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  7. For those that don't understand the difference between Christianity and Islam.... if he did this about Mohammad then someone would have already slit his throat on the street
  8. That's not a pie related response. Get back on topic.
  9. I'm bored. That's why.
  10. I'm bored. That's why.
  11. Doesn't NEED to be pie, specifically. Any sort of pastry/desert will do.
  12. I had some kind of Moroccan cinnamon-y pie thing one time, I hated it. As part of the same meal I quit vegetarianing to try rabbit, it was like turkey but more fibrous. What a stupid meat. Moroccan food was below par.
  13. Yeah, rabbit's pretty awful unless you stew it.
  14. These macadamian nut cookies are not chewy enough.
  15. Noooooooooo, now America will start to whine forever, just like when the Da Vinci code was released
  16. what bones, he resurrected or some shit didnt he?

    anyway who is Jesus, Muhammed FTW.

    Buddhism rules.

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