Jay Leno features Lambo Elemento and Urus (suv)

Discussion in 'European Cars' started by Walperstyle, Aug 21, 2012.

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  2. Meh Jay Leno sucks and so does this.
  3. leno is awesome
  4. Only his car collection is awesome.
  5. The Siesto Elemento looks so awesome, it looks like a shark.
  6. Randys avatar looks like a shark
    this looks like a half arsed turd
  7. isnt this what LAMBO WING DOORS has as his avatar?

    as a one off concept, it's cool, but it they put it into production i wouldnt be impressed. same applies to the sesto elemento.

    also urus sounds like some part of the lower digestive system or urinary tract
  8. oh also, i love the way the gearbox is hanging out the back of the SE. Badass
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  10. SuperSonic is the best car designer ever.
  12. jay leno owns cuz all he has to do is say a few unfunny jokes and post a funny news clipping and he gets paid for it daily
  13. basically what i do on here but

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