Jesse Kleidon?

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  1. damn, missed this due to

    Great read.
  2. Snitches get stitches
  3. HA, wrong guy people, I'm born in Germany, moved to outback Australia when I was young, and only moved to Toowoomba when I was 15, If you wanna make me look like a fool, your gonna have to do better than this pathetic pile of BS.
  4. oh #$%# why on EARTH did you bump this ancient thread? It died because nobody cared any more.
  5. welcome back!
    DJ-klingon is in da house!
  6. Actually one of my mates looked up my name on google, and this thread came up, so I replyed after reading through it.
  7. Can I be your mate?
  8. do we need to STFU if we have any problems?
  10. so cutting edge.
  11. i miss you jd
  13. Was going to mention this but i thought someone else would pick up on it.

    The spelling mistakes just top it off.
  14. and the fact that the one about the third fist isn't actually correct.
  15. is that the same as burner?
  16. jdkleidon makes burner look like Einstein
  17. Burner is actually hilarious.

    This guy would lose tic tac toe to a meat pie.
  18. Lol
  19. How is your dbz card collection?
  20. lol remember scnet vs sbnet people
  21. no
  22. somebody find DOYLE

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