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  1. You can see this car race along with Skylines, Supras, NSX's, Vipers, MR-2s, Silvias, and some other sick rides. JGTC where all of thoe modified cars from GT3 rce.Its a series in Japan ad yo can check it out at JGTC.net. You'll have to tranlate it from Japanese, when you do you can see a movie and it is awesome. Loctite skylines and all of those fast ass cars are there....its awesome. <!-- Signature -->
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    Thanks.<!-- Signature -->
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    I watched the movie!!!
    -Nice stream and everytime I saw the McF1 LT it was in a leading position...!-So ma quest is:Does McL rule or suck at this cup???
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    I don't realy know but i have read that nsx have won some of these races. but i have also heard that the loudest car is the mclauren
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    I've seen the JGTC but only on clips. The Mclaren ive seen in it is the 97, only one in the entire lineup of porsches, nsx's, supras, lambo, rx7's, etc!


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