Julian Assange granted asylum by Ecuador

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    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, after having waited in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for weeks, will be granted asylum to Ecuador, the country's authorities announced on Thursday.

    Sweden slams Ecuador's asylum decision (16 Aug 12)
    Police enter Ecuadorian embassy building (16 Aug 12)
    British raid threat 'hostile and extreme': WikiLeaks (16 Aug 12)

    After weeks inside embassy premises since his request for diplomatic protection at the end of June, the Australian national received word on Thursday that he will be granted asylum to the South American country.

    Ecuador's Foreign Minister, Ricardo Patino, said at a press conference that Ecuador sees it as imperative to offer asylum to those seeking it due to political persecution.

    "We believe Julian Assange's fears are legitimate - he could face political persecution," Patino said during the press conference.

    Sweden however rejected the claim that Assange's human rights may be violated should he be extradited to Sweden.

    "Our firm legal and constitutional system guarantees the rights of each and everyone. We firmly reject any accusations to the contrary," foreign minister Carl Bildt tweeted shortly after the press conference.

    According to British national broadcaster BBC, the announcement was watched live by Assange and embassy staff in a link to the press conference from Quito.

    Shortly after the announcement, Assange told the BBC that being granted asylum by Ecuador is a "significant victory"

    The growing risk of a diplomatic furore loomed ever closer on Thursday with police staying close outside the South American country's embassy in London, where Assange is holed up, after Ecuador slammed Britain for threatening to storm the building to arrest him.

    Ahead of the announcement just after 2pm CET on Thursday, around a dozen policemen, some wearing stab vests, were positioned outside the embassy in the exclusive Knightsbridge district of London near the Harrods department store.

    The British Foreign Office remains adamant however that the country's obligation to extradite Assange to Sweden will be carried out.

    "Under our law, with Mr Assange having exhausted all options of appeal UK authorities are under binding obligation to extradite him to Sweden," the Foreign Office tweeted shortly after the announcement.

    "We shall carry out that obligation. The Ecuadorian Government's decision this afternoon does not change that."

    "We remain committed to a negotiated solution that allows us to carry out our obligations under the Extradition Act, " tweeted the Foreign Office.
    The Local/AFP ([email protected])

    Well this is a bit interesting. How do you think this will turn out?
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  4. How will he get out? He still has to go through England to get to Ecuador, and the UK wants to extradite him to Sweden.
  5. yeah theres no way hes leaving the embassy without the uk arresting him
  6. maybe ecuador has a secret drug tunnel all the way to their embassy in london
  7. lol the uk is willing to break international law to get an alleged rapist

    makes u think...
  8. The UK police just need to set up some big speakers around the embassy and blast heavy metal 24/7 until the Ecuadorians throw him out.

    Worked with Noriega in 1989.
  9. heavy metal is prtty awful
  10. he can leave in a diplomatic car, the problem is when he has to get out at the airport. although i dont know why they don't drive that car straight through the channel tunnel into europe
  11. I don't have much knowledge on how territorial airspace sovereignty works, so I'm just putting this out there... what if the Ecuadorians were to airlift him by helicopter (kind of like the Simpsons episode where they go to Australia lol) from the embassy and then land on a boat and they travel by sea back to Ecuador?
  12. Small embassies will not have the facilities to land a helicopter within their diplomatic zone. In fact, come to think of it, large embassies might not be able to do this - the Canadian High Commission to the UK is a historic building, with no courtyard, fence, or gate, that's sitting in Trafalgar Square. Ecuador also might not be able to afford such a thing. The military is incredibly expensive to borrow for a day.

    And I believe that the legal pathway is quite obfuscated. A diplomatic vehicle (at least here) has to be registered as such to gain any of the privileges associated with that; and registration is often at the discretion of the host. Furthermore, flight plans typically need to be cleared with the responsible government agency. The RAF might have some right to stop a flight that deviates from such a plan.
  13. epic simpsons episode. all that happening as the american bullfrog lays waste to the australian countrside, lol, but then the ending with the zoom-in on the koala's eye is priceless
  14. he has 2 options:
    step outta the embassy and get arrested.
    hang out in the embasy forever.

    if he leaves in a diplomatic car/diplomatic bag or cage yes they can't search it. but there is nothing stopping the poms from surrounding the vehicle and stopping its progress.
    or they can suspend their diplomatic status, eject all the ecuadorian officials and goto town on the place.
    or challenge the political asylum with whatever UN channels it takes. he isn't being prosecuted for political reasons, so its really a dodgy asylum case
  15. well he isn't *officially* being prosecuted for political reasons
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  17. He is planning on making a statement outside of the embassy on Sunday, giving the police the chance to arrest him.
  18. What if Ecuador appoints him ambassador of Ecuador? That would be lol
  19. he knows that if he's detained by the brits, they're obligated to turn him over to the swedes for questioning regarding sexual assault. he assumes that if he's turned over to the swedes, the us will ask for him to be extradited to the us to face interrogation related to wikileaks. he believes that if hes extradited to the us, he'll face the death penalty.

    given that line of thinking, i wonder if he's going to drop a gigantic #$%#ing bombshell on sunday.
  20. the flight has to be approved
  21. this is so #$%#ing crazy.

    is there a good read that details everything thats happened from the beginning of wikileaks to this? id like to get more educated about it
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  23. The funny thing is is that assange doesn't even matter. The rest of the world's espionage industry is just pissed off that there is no such thing as secrets anymore in the 21st century. It's just a witch hunt, trying to scare people into giving them back their shadows.
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