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  1. This car was a failure and nobody likes it. It's just a waste of money. The only thing that it was good for was the movie Back to the Future.
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    And you are just a young stupid kid.

    For the car from going from concept, building of a huge factory in the middle of no where, testing, and production in around 4 years that is truly amazing. And the fact that it was one of the best selling sports cars in its first year is also something special.

    If nobody likes it then how come Delorean centers have increased in the past few years. How come parts are begining to be remade. How come Delorean car shows have gone from 50 cars to over 100 cars. New Delorean magazines are being made. Delorean Housten now completly rebuild Deloreans to like new look. The onlder they get the more people like then.

    So think before you post. And remember that your little civic in 20 years will not have the same attention and love as the Delorean has.
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    can somebody report this guy? itz funny how ur sn is "carguy" and yet u dont have an appreciation of all cars.
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    Who said I have to appreciate all cars?
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    And your a loser because you actually like this car, and your a member of the "DeLorean Association".
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    Im a loser because I like this car?? haha

    Well I own one and I dont feel like a loser when every time I drive it I get looks and smiles from everyone. And when people come up to me asking all kinds of questions. People wanting to take pictures of it. People asking if they can sit in it. Or a ride in it. Hey I made 5 bucks just because a guy wanted a ride in it so bad. And I guess im really a loser when just about every girl will come up to me smile and say nice car??

    I am a memeber of the Delorean Association, owners Association, Delorean mailing list, and Virginia Delorean Association. All are a great help and nice people. I would like to see that amount of support with your car.

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    carpoOf, you just got your arse kicked. twice. Sick it to him fellas.
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    yur an idiot. this was the first and only car the company ever made,and the only reason it didnt do well is because the owner had legal trouble and went bankrupt. if that hadnt have happend i think there would be one more major player in the sports car game.
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    hey, at least there are people who actually have the balls to stand up for it. whats the 7 in your name? your age?

    there is nothing wrong with this car. if you come up with some lame-ass "eletrical system sucks" or "slow as hell", we can back up everything. dont press your luck eunuch. we have it all covered.
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    oh,btw, at least we have enough friends on here to be part of an association. more than you can say.
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    I know i'd buy this car if i had the chance.
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    Im sorry but this car is a collectors piece. Its not my favorite but it is a car and i do have some respect for it. Yall guys Im sorry i gave you a hard time about this car. It is a rare treasure for those who own it.
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    see carguy7, if you dont like it now you will change and have respect for it.
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    how did john delorean go from making sweet cars at gm to makin this piece of crap. 0-60 10.5 seconds an suv can beat that and 0-100 in 40 seconds? thats crap and a top speed of 109 is really sad. 3 words: piece of crap.
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    because as SC.net always does they mess up. it can really do 0-60 in 9.2, has 130hp and does 120 mph. they do it all the time, and we correct it. the corvette then could get its ass handed to it by the current escalade even in slaloms and braking. now please, continue your though. we know that the cars of the early 80s werent doing all that well. the ferraris then can race nose to nose with the modern Altima with an auto. thats it.
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    Junk eh? You consider DeLoreans being 21-23 years old and looking almost as good as they did when they were made. You can complain about speed and technology, but as would be expected when developing a car from scratch, sacrifices had to be made. Developing a car for around 200 million (even in late 70s) was no small task. The PRV engine was choosen for its reliability and parts availability. DeLorean knew it was the most powerful engine which is why a twin turbo PRV was developed (first of its kind), but never got a chance to introduce it. As for other sacrifices, the only parts of the Delorean that experiences great wear is the underbody, which unfortunately rusts (made out of regular steel). The initial plan was for the car to incorporate a high density plastic composite as the frame, yet had to be scrapped by Lotus as it was financially impossible. The other plastic composite is found on the car, under the stainless steel panels (which do give it a look and resistivity to erosion, yet weighed it down). Check out the original concept for other concepts. So what I've said can be summed up as John DeLorean made a car from scratch for under 200 mill, wanted to be the first to use structural composites, develop a twin turbo, and make a car that would last for more than 20 years when Detroit's iron was lasting 10ish. The DeLorean was the first car to spark my interest, and has been my inspiration, the man and the car. It's the reason I'm a mechanical engineering student. So that's my 2 cents.
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    dude, you gotta join the associations.
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    Kids these days
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    how old are you? not to pry. im still 11th grade, but at least i know how to read(most my class cant read or write worth crap).

    other dude, where you going to school?
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    John didnt attempt to make a super car, he attempted to make a practical sports car. He didnt attempt to build a muscle car, he attempted to use ideas he came up with while at GM and unfortunately due to the piss poor american automotive economy at the time, the car flopped.

    for someone who goes by a user name like Yenko, you sure know jack $hit about automotive history, bub.

    As far as the SUV comment, wow..good for suv soccer mom's and panzy dads who think SUV's are performance vehicles. (With the exception of the typhoon...that thing is harsh)

    Your precious suv's also get 10 miles to the gallon and love to flip over. What's your point? Oooh its faster..wow. Good comparison though. Really.

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    Hey i don't know how many of you watch the apprentice on nbc, but i was watching it and they showed this magnificent estate with donald trump in front of it and I couldn't help but think that I had seen the lands and the home before. Then it struck me, then the donald mentioned it was a 500 acre estate in bedminser new jersey. I remember reading somewhere that DeLorean's estate (434 acres) would be turned into a golf course and as it so happens, it was featured for a few seconds on the show. didn't mention john z tho. I just thought it was pretty crazy, he should atleast invited delorean for a free membership.

    2nd year mech eng major at ohio state
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    well said ... i buddy of mine has one of these and it's the SLOWEST peice of crap i have ever been in. plus he is so many problems with the engine (renault v6 or volvo ... don't remember).
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    and i might ad the only the car became popular was because of his legal/drug problems ... it made it a "cult" car. now the next deloren he had planned to build looked SWEET.
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    i found this delorean on this farm and i bought it for real cheap. I'm gonna smash and burn the hell out of it. its gonna be fun!
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    he was probably dumb and got a lemon thinking its cheap. its auto isnt it!

    we ve said it before and we ll say it again: do not buy D lemons or autos! they are nothing but trouble. its not the D, its your buddy.

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