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  1. 3 10 round mags came with the gun and I shared the same concern of only having 10 rounds of .223. fortunately, I ordered 3 20 round mags from hkparts.net

    ultimately I'd like to get a bipod and maybe do a G36 conversion
  2. I'm heading to the range next week, just targets.... for now
  3. I'll be getting a Steyr Scout .308 within the next 3 months, that will be plenty of power
  4. yup we can trust the police who will be getting orders from the federal government

    and if its someone we can trust, its the US federal government! Just ask any Native American, Hurricane Katrina Victim, or an Iraqi citizen.
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    Yeah man! However you can always trust your friendly neighbor!!!

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  7. two things.

    1. If anyone should be prevented from buying a gun, its mac777. The guy is clearly a sociopath...he's two steps away from a killing spree, one step if he gets a gun.

    2. AP - Why would you want a high powered rifle like that? Is that person in the UPS uniform 100 metres down the street about to break into your house... he appears to be casing the neighborhood.
  8. 1) yes agreed on mac 777
    2) because time changes and neighbourhood changes and when you have to deal with a particular type of crowd better be armed.
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    it is just a pathetic bolt action rifle, get the real thing: a semi auto m1a1 super match which has a 20 bullet capacity magazine, better barrel (douglas heavy match barrel) and mac millan stock.
    You will shoot faster with a m1a1 than with a steyr scout.
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    How much do those things run?
  11. Because contrary to popular belief we are not coming out of this recession. And when you have Army brigades active inside the US borders for the first time ever, there is something seriously wrong that is about to happen.
  12. between the 3000-3500$, not cheap but well worth the money
  13. Since when do local police do the Federal Government's bidding? If this is as big a meltdown as you (absurdly) think it will be, they'll be concerned with LOCAL efforts. And most of the shopkeepers will probably be armed to the teeth anyway, so your gun buys you nothing. You really are mind-numbingly stupid.
  14. Oh dear, AP is going paranoid on us.
  15. Also, if our economic system collapses - who are you going to buy ammo from and with what?
  16. I want an AK so bad
  18. Remember to point the barrel to your crotch.
  20. I think that, technically, AntiPimpage is an idiot.
  21. As an American, it's his right!
  22. I have plenty stocked up
  23. the local police have been doing the homeland's security's bidding since 2001
  24. If the gun is registered, the police already know you own it. You'll be the first to die, sorry AR.
  25. the fact that you have ammo "stocked up" is scary

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