JUST GOT ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Its awesome!!! The engine sounds so sweeeet!!! And its incredibly cumforable, its a lot better even than our Mercedes (that we just sold)!!! And anyone that thinks it sucks has OBVIOULSY NO DRIVEN IT BEFORE!!! Trust me this things awesome!!! And it gets A LOT OF ATTENTION!!!
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    you are so full of it. i think you would have said somdin earlier! if noy screw the new one and get a military issue!!!
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    Im not full of it ban this guy please!!!
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    I don't get why people like huge trucks.(Maby they're trying to compensate for something else below.) Especially when they lift them up so high and don't take them off road! It's cool and all but, I'd definatly rather spend $52,000.00 on a fast car than buy one of these any day of the week.
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    good point
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    IGNORANCE IS BLISS! omfg, you people that don't like huge trucks, you can suck a real big one because either way, SUV's will never stop selling, so you might as well go cry on your moms tit. The reason why I'm going to buy either the HUMMER h1, or h2 is because i can AFFORD it and because when i get into an accident with a small ass car like the ones you guys love oh so much, I will be alive and well in my BIG truck, while you in your sad ass Honda Civics will be crushed. You know what will happen to you? DEAD. hahahhaha thats the reason i like big trucks, to crush small peeps like you small car haters.
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    if you would rather buy a $52k fast car, go ahead. I really dont see whats stopping you.... I got a hummer for my 16th b-day and i really like it? who cares what you think? i can afford it. if you cant afford it and buy honda civics its not my problem. Just keep your opinions to yourself because I am tired of hearing you childrens little high-pitched voices. Let me ask you people that hate the H2. Have you ever driven it? probably not. becuase if you did, you would like it.... ok? so shut the #$%# up.
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    hey sphinx i know who you are. your GAMER!!!!! i was wondering why gamer didnt respond. i can tell by you homosexual writing!!!!!
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    no one will back gamer up so he creates new accounts and posts replies that agree to his question. lol hes sad. o and the h2 is more girlyish than the original. o and i havent driven it but i ahve been in one when someone was drivin it. some guy test cars on my street and he had the h2 it was comfortable and nice but girlyish
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    Hey stupid f*ck face I have no idea who this sphinx guy is but obviously he's knows what he's talking about and he's not a stupid moron like you and how come you keep on posting all this crap about gay??? No one here is gay YOUR the one that brought that topic into here so I think that is anyone is gay that ITS YOU MORON!!!!!!!
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    YOU ARE SO STUPID AND IGNORANT OF THE FACTS!!!!! DO you think that a 325HP, $50,000, Vortec V8, 6400LB is girlish??? NO NOT AT ALL!!!!!! Do you drive a car thats got a bigger engine more power and cost more??? NO YOU DONT!!!!!! The main difference between the H1 and H2 is that the H2 is CIVILIZED!!!
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    hey you know you should stop shoving that plunger up ur butt cuz you sound stupid. seriously the 1 word you obiously know is moron. BUT GUESS WHAT I AM A MORON. BUT YOU ARE JUST PLAIN HOMOSEXUAL!!!!!!! BUTT FUKER!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Someone I can agree with, I own a H2 and they rock you should get one.
    This is what you should do if you get an H1:
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    gamer that is exactly why the h1 rocks!!!!! plus idint say any thing about not liking big trucks! i used to have a 94 jeep with inch lift.
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    yeah and if you do kill someone in an accident with your ugly ass hummer the family will sue your ass and you wont have anything. Ever think about that? stupid asshole. I hate people like you that have their head stuck up their ass all the time.
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    I want to get 1
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    thats gay
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    I keep a gun in the car just to even things up. If I were the owner of that green civic, the H1 owner would be dead. Simple enough? For those of you who think size equals might, you should really start thinking about reality. H2 glass in not bulletproof. I've checked.
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    i am emmit smith
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    Well, of the 3 I've seen so far, all 3 were being driven by women.

    Depends on your definition of 'civilized'... A gas-guzzling V8 that's only capable of 325HP and weighs over 3 TONS is called 'bad engineering', plain and simple (this design was fine for the military, but for them it's more than just getting to 'Point B')... and when 3 tons sits more than a foot off the ground, well, she can't be all that lovin' in the turns. If you have to safely transport 80 of your friends across artic tundra, then it's a practical ride... Each time I've seen one, there was 1 person in the car... why buy big when a cheaper, faster, more fuel-efficient, and better-looking (the box style went out in the '60's I thought...) 2-seater will do?

    This type of design was GREAT for military applications: going over hostile, untracked, bumpy terrain quickly, reliably, and safely. On the open public roads though, this has absolutely NO practicallity other than the fact that it seats quite a few people, but NO-ONE EVER DOES!!!

    People who talk only of 'bigger, more powerful' cars, often have either A: A 'god complex', B: Is a hick, or C: is (as mentioned before) compensating for lack of a few inches in the southern regions of their bodies. If I were a millionaire looking to blow some pocket change on something new and exciting, sure, I'd buy an H2 without thinking twice, but $52,000 is a LOT of money for us 'commonfolk', so even if I had $52,000 and change for taxes, I'd laugh in the dealers face, discredit them, and leave with a smile on my face. Then I'd proceed over to the local Japanese car dealer and buy a cheaper, faster, more fuel-efficient, and funner-to-drive rig, and blow what's left of my origional $52,000 on gas, food, and cigarettes as I run circles around H2's laughing my ass off the whole time!!!

    btw: why whine 'more power', when the dead-weight of 6,200lbs is just going to weigh your 'almighty V8' down? Why not drop that throaty V-8 into something that will MOVE??? Whine either 'bigger' or 'more powerful'... whining both is kind of redundant, dontcha think?

    Also: the emphasis you put on how much your rig costs says a lot about you: This is the 'nicest' thing you could afford, most likely, and you wish to show everyone else up, stating that you have an inferiority complex. This is backed by your eagerness to jump on other people when they voice out saying anything other than nice things about the H2. The fact that 'Tragedy' only made 1 post to point out that he wants to buy one makes it seem as though that was a BS account made only to 'back up' your praise of this car. What, did you forget the password or something? Why the f__k does it matter if others don't like this car? How does it affect you? Does it take from your HP? Does it take your ability to safely and comfortably seat 37 friends for a nice off-road cruise over the Sahara Desert? Does it drive up the price of your insurance (nowadays, I wouldn't be all too surprised if you said 'yes' to that one.)? In short: Why do you care? Sure, the rips on the size of your bedroom equipment needed rebuttle, but the rest is just a waste of time! If your Hummer is so great, why are you trying so hard to convince others of this fact instead of driving it to prove to yourself time and again that your ride is 'the shit'? Your car is your car, nothing anyone else can say is going to change that. Your ride won't disappear when others make fun of you. I've got the PERFECT solution for you: Smoke some grass, eat some mushrooms, and CHILL OUT, MAN!

    P.S. Sorry the post is so long... I do that often to make sure my points get across the first time! ^_^

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