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  1. The Jaguar XJR-15 which has only 45hp more does the 0-100km/h in 3,1seconds!!!!!!!!!!!And this "shit"(not exactly) does it in 3,95seconds with only 45hp less...Oh also don't think that this car because it has a great torque will be great in race-track.Just think that if you'd compare it with the 360 or the 911Turbo it would lose the race for sure.....The 360 or 911Turbo would live it back with 2-4seconds difference.First would be the Porsche 911 Turbo with quite little difference with the 360.Maybe if the 360 was with the F1 gearbox would win or have draw with the turbo the Z06 would be far away back..........
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    Please don't see it theoritically......It's for sure that the Z06 will lose from the 360 and 911 Turbo....Anyway the one who's tested these two cars is american....so you know....you understand.....I don't need to tell you....all americans are like this....
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    did u ever consider how much more those other cars cost? So shut up!
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    They're quite more expensive because they have quite better technology the materials are more expensive they're luxurious they have name and eventhough you pay a lot for them you got what you deserve!!!!!!!!!!!!!!And here we're not speaking about price you #$%#ing idiot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    why cant we all jsut get along? no matter what ne one here says ( even me) this is a sweet car for its price. And sure, a porsche or 360 will burn it, but for an extra 100,000 dollars, this is still faster in a straight line than the 360 and has better street driveability. So chill out and just look at this car in its class and youll see that it doesnt suck, in fact, its good, very good..
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    Yes but inside this car(corvette Z06) is like a shit!!!!
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    I don't think that the 360 with the F1 gearbox would lose on a strate line from the Z06.Maybe at start because the Z06 has a gearbox to have better accelerations(for the 0-100km/h) mostly in smaller speeds (and that you can see it from the topspeed, the Z06 catches 275km/h and the 360 more than 295km/h) so afterwards the Z06 would lose from the Ferrari 360 Modena F1 when both cars have ritched a high speed.
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    You're right!!
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    hmm... one point. COST... Z06, $50,000 or $51,000. GT2, $179,000. and Ferrari, $178,000 (I think, could be wrong). If you want to compare comparably priced vehicles, look at the Lingenfelter c5 coming in at 165,000, zero to sixty in 2.0, 1/4 in 9 seconds... I don't think the GT2 or 360 will be keeping up with that.
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    did you not read above? someone else already brought that up, and cost has nothing to do with this comparison.
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    The cost is quite different and lower in america because the taxation is completely different.That's why I don't speak about cost but about a RACE and only a RACE in a race-track nothing else!If you're so stupid and you don't understand just don't reply!!
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    Don't see it theoretically? Isn't that what this whole post is about, a theoretical race between a Z06, a 911 Turbo and a Modena?

    "It's for sure that the Z06 will lose from the 360 and 911 Turbo"

    Funny you have no links to back this claim up. One with such a confident view of what *should* happen, should at least be able to post something that would even hint at Z06 being behind the other two cars mentioned. What exactly are you basing your comments on? Obviously not magazine tests, as I'm sure you would have posted them by now, to save yourself the trouble of looking like an idiot.

    "all americans are like this"

    Wow. With statements like this, I can't believe I didn't notice you were so open minded. I really must apologize for thinking that you're biased, I'm certain it won't happen again.

    Care to enlighten us with anything else on your mind?
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    I do not need any claims!!!It's for sure I ensure you!And if you want to find out some go and search!!!I'm not stupid enough(as you) searching for any results in a race-track between these two cars for you.I can tell you though that there was a race in a race-track between the Chevrolet Corvette(coupe) and the Ferrari F355 spider(which is slower than the berlinetta) and guess what.....The Ferrari won the race with a great difference!!!If you again don't beleive me that the ferrari 360 or 911turbo beat the Z06, it's your problem....I won't search for you a race between these three cars even if the results are as I say you will say something stupid so the race would be unfair(for you actually).....I'm not doing this topic only for you mother#$%#er!!!!!Other people who know prbobably more about cars will agree with me and other who don't know lot's of about cars as you(...) may not agree or they may will because they want to learn sth.SO SHUT THE **** UP!!!!!!
    Who's feelling stupid right now sweety?!?!?!Are you feelling a bit nervous......So you won't reply prettending that you haven't seen it when you've already burst out crying or feeling a small hate for me!!!!!You know I DON'T CARE CAUSE YOU'RE A DUMBASS.What you'll say in your next post will be folly because it'll be a really stupid thing!!
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    Now hold on there, tough guy. I never said that the Z06 would be faster than the Modena and/or 911 turbo, you might want to try brushing up on your reading. They are all side by side in terms of performance. Check out the 10,000hp shootout (C&D I believe) and you'll notice that the Z06 exactly matched the time of the 911 Turbo through the road course.

    How do you justify the Porsche or Ferrari being faster by bringing up a race that didn't involve ANY of the cars you mentioned to begin with? That one really blew my mind. What year were both cars tested? Who were the drivers? Which track? Fill me in with a few details about this obviously irrelavent race.

    "Who's feelling stupid right now sweety?!?!?!"

    I should sure hope that person is you. I won't even bother to address the mindless drivel near the end of your post. Next time you post bring a dictionnary, a thesaurus (your post was a nightmare to read) and a few relavent thoughts, and then we can talk.
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    It realy was a nightnare for you........You were crying all inght afterwards........
    Track:I don't know
    Year:I don't know
    Drivers:I don't know
    How do you feel now?I'm sure you'll say that I'm a psycho!But do you know what?I DON'T EVEN CARE OF WHAT YOU'RE SAYING FOR ME CAUSE YOU'RE A GREAT LOSER AND THAT I UNDERSTAND IT FROM THE TYPE YOU'RE WRITTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!SO SHUT THE **** UP CAUSE YOU'RE A FISH!!!!!!

    Ooooh sweety don't cry I won't even reply to you next time I understand in which category of people you belong.I don't spek with this kind of people.......Ainsi ta geule toi le fils de pute!!!
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    I've already showed you where the Z06 kept up with the 911 turbo around a track. Take a look at this month's R&T and you'll likely notice that the Z06 also was faster around the track than the Carrera by 4 seconds. That's quite the huge gap. It was also faster around the track than the M3 in that same issue, and the NSX in the issue before that (both by at LEAST 2 seconds). That's a couple more big gaps. I'm just not seeing where the "straight line car" fits in to the whole picture...
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    Are you the serious? You talk as if they've never raced. Try reading this forum. The Z06 has raced the 996tt on numerous occasions. They tied once, but the Z06 stomped the 996tt in all the other races. I'm not talking about drag racing. I'm talking about road racing. Before you go talking about American bias, think about this. Porsche chose the driver for two of those tests. They chose Hurley Haywood. If you don't know who he is, then you really have no clue. As far as the 360 is concerned, I only know of one track test against the Z06. It was a 2001 Z06 with 20 less hp than the 2002 & 2003 models. It was done at Hockenheim by a German magazine. The Z06 beat the 360 and tied the GT3. If you don't believe me, then read this forum. As far as the Xjr-15 is concerned, it has a much better power/weight ratio, so it should be much faster in a straight line.
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    um. u do know that the people sent for that test were BOTH professional drivers from the company? porsche sent one of its most experienced drivers to try to beat the Z06, however the 996 911 Turbo lost <A BORDER="0" HREF="http://www.supercars.net/emoticons.html"><IMG BORDER="0" SRC="http://speed.supercars.net/cboardhtml/emoticons/sad.gif"></A>. i am not happy about this, however i cannot dispute the facts.
  20. rs4man is very angry...could this be because he is wrong. You will never own any of the cars you are talking about. so why bother wasting your time on complaining about what people *think*. Let people think whatever they want to think, what matters is when race time comes. LeMans....corvette owns everyone, 3 years going. It beats cars that are 3-4 times its price tag. You say that the interior is garbage, i dont hear anyone complaining that the Enzo doesn't have airconditioning and a radio. For a very simple reason, it was built for racing, not a luxury item. If you want an amazing interior go buy a Mercedes.
  21. Dumbass......whos talkign about prices?
    And besides, how the Fcuk can you compare a lingenfelter to a god damn ferrari modena? Damn your stupid.
    If ferrari or porsche wanted to, they could make a car with 1500 hp, o-60 in 1.5 seconds and have a top speed of 250+ mph. But the fact is, they dont want to because no one would buy it.(That might be a bit exaggerated but you get the idea.)
  22. Wtf are you on about, this thing couldn;t touch neither the 360 or the 911 Turbo. Which 360 you talking about anyway?
  23. The Corvette Z06 is a slow piece of shit. My stock Golf shits on C5s on a daily basis.
  24. The Z06 only lost by a #$%#hare to the 997 Carrera on the only test of the two I have seen. It would take maybe 20% of the price difference to fix that.
  25. Fo realz, I has seen it!!!

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