Juttering in 4th gear

Discussion in 'Technical' started by Atomic2, Mar 3, 2009.

  1. at about 30-40 mph, when keeping a constant speed, and sometimes when going up hill, my car starts juttering anywhere from a small barely noticeable amount, to a pretty significant amount. It happens around 1400 RPM

    Car is Mitsubishi Eclipse with 3.0L V6 and auto trans.

    I dont know if this has anything to do with it, but it started last week right after some very VERY heavy rain which I drove through and went through some very deep water [not on purpose]
    Right after that the temperature dropped well below freezing and the next morning the car wouldnt start for a little while. I'd turn the ignition and nothing, not a sound. After a few tries eventually I heard a whirring noise, and then another couple tries later it started up fine. I thought maybe something just froze up.

    Well either that day or the next, this juttering started. I thought it would go away after the temperature went above freezing but it didnt.

    I just had my oil changed.
  2. the car has just about 60k miles, though I dont think I ever did the 50k mile service.
  3. hope it's not this but it reminds me of my taurus' blown head gasket problem.

    it's hard to start when it's cold but once its running its okay for the day. accellerating is on-off-on-off-on-off like a machine gun at about 2-2.5k rpm in 4th unless i floor it to downshift or something and get above it. people hate me on onramps because i drive miss daisy like woah.

    my sollution is to just replace whatever dead spark plugs there are during each oil change and just drive until she drives no more. the spark plug replacement will make it smooth until it funks up again, usually a week or two.

    good luck
  4. Change your spark plugs. I know it sounds wierd but the gmc I used to have did the same thing once it hit lock up.
  5. Yea I dont think Ive ever changed the plugs.

    That shits a pain in the ass in my car though, the engine is tilted back in such a way that I cant get to them. I think it needs to be done from the bottom of the car.
  6. Weird. Maybe you got moisture on worn out spark plug wires. Also ignition control module, coil pack and spark plug wires could be at fault. Check all the plugs for wear/gap. take the lead off each plug while the car is running to see if one of them is dead, then pull the plug out and check it. Check for signs of arcing on/near the wires when it is running.

    If not in your ignition system, then maybe you have a bad fuel injector, or bad fuel pressure or something.

    Head gasket/intake gasket problem yeah, could also be that maybe. Check your coolant reservoir for signs of oil, or your dipstick for signs of coolant.

    As for the starter not going when you turn the key, dunno.
  7. my coolant looks like chocolate mikl
  8. you may be able to get one of those bendy socket extensions in, but I dunno.

    That's how I did it on a V6 car I owned (in -30C snowstorm inside a barn).

    But if it's really bad you will have to undo the mounts and tilt the engine. You should check out an Eclipse-specific forum for instructions on this.
  9. Yeah I had a similar problem and I think replacing the ICM fixed it, alongside the coil pack.

    If you never looked at the plugs, give it a shot.
  10. welll I need to get my 50k mile service anyway. Ill have the shop do it proper.
  11. My car jutters like shit in 5th, but thats because the gear wasnt engaging totally and now my gearbox is #$%#ed

    4th on the motorway makes me sound like im trying to extract a top speed out of the japbox
  12. could be the gearbox, could be the coils, or could be your fuel pump/ecu. but it sounds like either an ecu or coil problem. where do the ignition coils sit in an eclipse?
  13. Probably they hang from a delicate string and drag along the ground, if I remember correctly from my experience with Mitsubishi cars.
  14. that or its pinned up between the shock tower and the firewall like my experiences with Mitsubishi cars.
  15. This does not bode well.

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