Kia concept “cee’d”

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  1. Kia concept “cee’d”

    After the Picanto, Sorento, Sportage and Rio models, is going to give it a shot at the very popular C segment class with an all new compact hatchback. We are going to get a taste of the car at the Geneva Show with the concept “cee’d”.

    The forthcoming compact passenger car, codenamed “E.D.” (European Developed?) is
    designed specifically for the European market and it will be produced at Kia’s new plant in Slovakia. According to my information, the “cee’d” will be taking the European roads at the end of 2006 competing against cars like Ford Focus, Opel Astra and the Volkswagen Golf. It is also speculated that in 2007, the compact hatchback will be available in the US and the Asian markets
    PRESS RELEASE: (SEOUL) February 16, 2006 -- Kia Motors will unveil an exciting new concept car at the 76th Salon de l’Automobiles, in Geneva, Switzerland at the end of this month. The stunningly attractive, precisely styled show car, named cee’d (pronounced ‘seed’), is based on the forthcoming all-new C-segment model which Kia will begin building at its first-ever European assembly plant in Slovakia from December 2006.

    With its tough appearance, combining strongly solid forms with sensitively flowing lines, jewel-like detailing and a broad stance, cee’d points towards the future elements of Kia’s evolving design language.

    “Our design brief was to create a ‘teaser’ for the all-new Kia which has been designed entirely in Europe and will make its world premiere at the Paris Show in September,” explained Gregory Guillaume, Chief Designer Kia, European Design Centre. “We wanted to make cee’d as beautiful, as exquisitely detailed and precisely executed as possible. We wanted to introduce this concept as the starting point for the new design DNA for Kia, to highlight that this car is designed in Europe and made in Europe, to fulfill 100% of European customer needs.”

    The cee’d has several of the core design elements of two earlier Kia cars -- the Sorento SUV and A-segment Picanto. With this concept car Kia is making these design elements even more understandable to the public. cee’d is a new stage in Kia design, the beginning of communicating its new design language.

    cee’d features flowing lines carried through strong forms. The major flow-line runs from low on the nose spoiler, around the grill, over the bonnet, up the A-pillar, along the roof rail to the tailgate spoiler, down the C-pillar and around the rear bumper -- enveloping the whole car.

    At the Geneva Show, cee’d is finished in ‘English Pewter’ bespoke exterior paint, blended to give the external surfaces a unique luster that is echoed by the interior. The concept car will be displayed on a low, rotating glass turntable so that visitors can fully appreciate the interior styling, as well as the exterior form. The extended, flared wheel arches envelop bespoke 19-inch diameter polished aluminum wheels sporting 265/30 R19 low-profile tires.

    Full details of the cee’d concept car, the all-new Kia Carnival MPV and 2006 upgraded Sorento SUV will be available at the Kia press conference to be held on February 28 in Hall 5 at 12.30 hrs (local time).

  2. the huge front overhang with no rear is weird...
  3. if only Kia's really looked like that.
  4. That actually ain't that bad.... Especially for a Kia!
  5. for a kia, its not bad.

    That means for anyone else its terrible.
  6. not bad at all
  7. bigger pic

    not that we care...but whatever
  8. who'd they steal that design from?
  9. Opel Astra, but made it better looking.
  10. potent front end design for a concept
  11. kia and hyundai are really stepping up their styling
  12. It turned to be just a generic hatch
  13. I'm glad the long hood look is coming back. Take a look at most of the concepts debuting this year, and you'll see the trend.
  14. I really like it. I could see it selling like hotcakes in Europe
  15. Finally, a Kia with nice, flowing lines. Clean design.
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    Kia Motors Corporation issued the first official photographs of its all-new family car – code named 'ED' – at the British International Motor Show in London today. Created especially for European consumers, the new model will be Kia's strongest-ever contender for C-segment honours when it goes on sale across Europe in December 2006 – a genuine challenger to the established class leaders.

    The 4.2-metre long ED has an unusually long wheelbase (2,650 mm) and will offer class-leading interior space, plus highly competitive levels of equipment and state-of-the-art active and passive safety. From launch, a range of four engines will be available, including 1.4, 1.6 and 2.0-litre CVVT gasoline engines and an all-new 1.6-litre VGT diesel engine.

    "Our new C-segment model is code named 'ED' because it is a European Design created with European consumers in mind," explains Jean-Charles Lievens, Senior Vice President Kia Motors Europe. "Our ED production model's styling highlights that this car is a truly European design, tailored precisely to the C-Segment which is uniquely important in Europe. ED is truly a car designed in Europe, manufactured in Europe, to be marketed exclusively in Europe, to fulfil 100% of European customers' needs."

    With its 'tough not rough' appearance, combining strongly solid forms with sensitively flowing lines, jewel-like detailing and a broad stance, ED points towards the future elements of Kia's evolving design language – like the cee'd concept car shown by Kia at the Geneva Show earlier this year and at the British Show today.

    Kia's latest C-segment model, the ED will be produced at Kia's first-ever European manufacturing facility at Zilina in Slovakia. It will be marketed exclusively in Europe and the five-door launch models will be joined by a range of station wagons and sporty three-door hatchback models from September and December 2007, respectively.

    The all-new Kia five-door family hatchback will make its world premiere at the Mondial de L'Automobile in Paris, France, on 28 September 2006, when its name will be revealed.
  17. this ^^ is the production version?
  18. Hahaha, Kia is #$%#ing stupid. They finally make an attractive looking concept, and then when the production version comes along, they have ruined pretty much everything that was good about the concept! Everything that was special on the concept has been junked in favour of another ultra-bland car from Korea.
  19. yes
  20. i cant believe they ruined it..well i can actually but it sucks
  21. oh god yes they completely ruined it.

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